What is the best bait for fluke and Sea bass (FAQ)

Author Topic: What is the best bait for fluke and Sea bass (FAQ) (Read 19292 times)
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As with all fish it depends on the location, water temp, time of year and the finicky fish.

For Fluke we have a great deal of success bouncing bucktails or Hopkins off the bottom early on…then it is pretty much Kellies and Squid and sea robin strips, then for the door Mats we use Snappers, Peanut Bunker and Artificials with shedder crab sent.

For Sea bass, clams, squid have been the main stay as well as sea robin strips

Fluke bellies used to be the best, but alas times have changed Sad.

One killer rig we use for fluke is three dropper loops from 8″ off the sinker spaced 4-5″ apart and hook a Kellie to each one…looks like a mini school and the FLuke jump all over it Wink

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Try using sand shark for the Fluke. I have been using it for years and it works very well. You can put a strip on a bucktail or just use it on a plain hook or on a teaser with blades. Whatever. When you catch a decent size sand shark, fillet it down and then cut it in about 6″ strips about the width of your little finger. The skin keeps it on the hook forever. Usually you can catch several fish before you need to put a new piece on. What I do is when we catch sand sharks on my trips I’ll keep 3 or 4. When I get back to the dock and clean the days catch I’ll fillet the shark and put the strips in freezer bags and freeze it. That way I have it when I need it. When I am running out of my shark bait, on the next trip any sharks we get I’ll keep them and do it all over again. The biggest Fluke caught on FISH TALE 30″ 12lbs was caught on a sand shark bait. I’ll give you fare warning. When you open a bag of Sand Shark bait hold your breath. It stinks!! The stink is the uric acid in the shark. I believe this has a lot to do with its success.

Sea bass: I have caught big ones on the shark when fishing around the reefs. But usually I’ll just use squid or clam for these fish. Good luck!


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I use a lot of gulp products and I love them.I have a lot of success from the beach and from charters and head boats.. I used to keep it very simple with 1 hook With some kin of gulp and a slip sinker.. Late last year I started using hi/lo rigs with a 12 to 18″ line up about 8 inches from the weight using just a plain hook with Gulp then a small dropper loop about 12 inches up from the longer line.. I use a teaser with a strip bait..

man I hope this made sense.. Grin

I want to try that 3 dropper loop rig.. sounds good


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