Top 7 Best fishing rods for salmon [Review & Guide] in 2020

If you are up to salmon fishing but confused with tons of rod in the market, then we are here with a solution. Our effort is to help serious anglers like you to land the next big thing.

We are here simply to help you find the best fishing rod for salmon for your next fishing trip. However, if you want a more awesome fishing rod then you can check out our latest review of the best fishing rods.

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To be very precise, all you need is a 7-11 feet long spinning(best for beginners) or baitcasting rod. Action should be fast and medium-heavy powered rod rated for 15-30 pound line. Better if it is a

2 piece graphite rod

. That’s a perfect rod setup for catching salmon.

Also, don’t forget to take your fishing line and fishing lures for the salmon trip. I highly recommend you grab the right line and lures if you are planning to catch salmon and other fishes.

Best fishing rods for salmon

Looking for a hearty Sockeye Salmon, the Chinook King Salmon, or something in between? You need a good rod that has the combinations of awesome castability, power, sensitivity, and durability.

There are tons of salmon rod for sale, but finding a really good one is truly a daunting task. Our team of experts has reviewed All the rods to make your fishing journey more fun!

However, if you are pretty interested in cooking and fillet your salmon then, feel free to check out Top 10 Best Fillet Knife for Salmon which is a review post about some real razor-sharp blades.

1. Lamiglas Kenai Kwik

Lamiglas Kenai Kwik

Core Features

  • 2 piece rod
  • 8′ to 10’6” size available
  • Heavy action
  • Made using the highest quality components
  • Pacific Bay Deep Press guides
  • Fully premium handcrafted equipment
  • Tested by several professionals


If you ask me, which one I would buy from this list? My answer will be Lamiglas Kenai Kwik salmon fishing rod. Truly, folks, this rod is just amazing! A true piece of gem. I had possibly the best salmon fishing experience with this rod. So can’t stop reviewing it!

This is a pretty long rod, the length is 10’6”. Thinking about pieces right? Don’t worry it’s a 2 piece rod, so no problem to carry it. It’s constructed with the highest quality components, a perfect Premium handcrafted equipment. Because of its durability, one of my friends is using it for many years with any single problem.

It’s a casting rod, a little bit advanced. If you are a complete beginner, you can try their Lamiglas X-11 series is a spinning rod. The rod is a heavy powered and moderate action rod. The perfect combination made it an awesome rod for salmon fishing.

Unlike other typical rods, this stylish rod offers a Custom woven graphite handle. It provides the finest handling. It gives so accurate cast because of the premium quality guides. They call it the Pacific Bay Deep Press guides.

Salmon fishing rods choosing the right one: As we said, if you are looking for the best salmon spinning rods, you can’t avoid this rod! Not a chance. Not only good looking but also a great performance you will fall in love with this lamiglas salmon rods. I can guarantee you that. Don’t miss this one!


  • Great castability
  • High quality materials
  • Ultra durable

2. Ugly Stik Elite Rod

Ugly Stik Elite

Core Features

  • 2 pieces rod
  • 4’6″ to 7’6″ size available
  • Indestructible blank construction with a combination of graphite and fiberglass
  • Stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides
  • Cork handles


Ugly Stik rods are so versatile, don’t they! Yup, it’s another best salmon steelhead spinning rods. You can catch other species with this one.

Having them on your fishing arsenal is a win-win situation.

It’s a spinning rod, I would say that Ugly Stik is the best salmon rod for the beginner. Another thing you would probably love that it’s also a 2 piece rod. I always love to have them because they are easy to carry.

It’s a 7 feet long rod, not the ideal length but it will do the trick. Such length will limit your casting distance, just a little.

Elite spinning rod offers 35% more graphite for exceptional strength and feel. The indestructible blank construction with a combination of graphite and fiberglass made it an ultra-durable rod. It’s so powerful, you can feel its power while fishing!

It offers Cork handles which provide great comfort during lengthy fishing outings, even wet handle won’t be a problem for a good grip. Wanna know the best part? It’s so cheap in price but yet a superb rod. Check out more below.


  • Perfect match for beginners
  • Good construction
  • Very affordable


  • Not so long in length, minimum castability

3. KastKing Krome

KastKing Krome

Core Features

  • 2 piece spinning rod
  • Size ranges from 7’6″ to 10′
  • various action available from medium-heavy to heavy
  • Toray IM8 High Carbon Blanks construction
  • Carbon fiber handle
  • Fuji Guides and Reel Seats
  • huge style option available
  • Ultimate premium quality rod


Introducing you KastKing Krome salmon/Steelhead Fishing Rod, if you are in search for the best fishing rods for salmon and need a rod that gives a great performance and durability in an affordable price, you are looking for this rod.

Quick Guide: You may also like this awesome kastking fishing rod rack. The reason I put this rod rack here because of its popularity and lots of positive reviews. And I think most visitors looking for it, to store their rod easily.

The built quality of this rod is awesome. Made of high carbon, 45 million modulus blanks and Nano Silica resins for incredible strength, performance, and sensitivity. We reinforce the butt section all the way through the reel seat with true Kevlar fabric to improve hook setting power and to provide additional durability and strength.

There is a huge variation available with this rod. You can get a length from 7’6” to 10’. We recommend you somewhere between 8-10 feet long rod, you will also find spinning and casting rod option. Choose whatever you want.

Different line option and weight option is available, they showed everything in there amazon page. We prefer a 9’6” long, fast action and the medium heavy rod. this salmon rod is the ideal combo of strength, sensitivity, and versatility. The best salmon trolling rods are lightweight to prevent arm fatigue, fish as long as you want.

Find more below.


  • High Carbon Blanks
  • Durable Carbon Fiber Handles
  • Lot of options
  • Ultra durable

4. Lamiglas X-11 review

Lamiglas X-11

Core Features

  • 2 pieces rod
  • Specialized in salmon and steelhead fishing
  • 7’9” to 10’6” size available
  • constructed with the highest quality material
  • Stainless steel, chrome guides
  • Style – drift/float/spinner
  • Covers 1-year warranty


Well, it’s length is 8’6” and obviously a 2 piece rod, comes really handy to carry anywhere. It’s a great choice for the beginners out there cause it’s a spinning rod. The fact that I love about this very rod is it’s very lightweight, it’s fun when you have a lightweight fishing rod setup.

As it is specialized at salmon and steelhead fishing, it’s a medium power and fast action rod. Perfect setup for salmon fishing isn’t it! Another thing you need to know if the lure Weight: 1/4 – 3/4, then the Line Weigh should be 6 – 15.

Like other typical rods, it has also got a cork handle. Comfortable and grips well that’s all I can say, no problem with that. These rods feature stainless steel, chrome guides. The combination of their Pacific Bay Deep Pressed ring design and finish allows these guides to hold up to the most rigorous of fishing conditions.

Lastly, it’s can be a great choice for salmon fishing. You can have one of this, it won’t let you down.


  • Great premium built in quality
  • Lightweight
  • Great guides
  • 1 year of warranty



Core Features

  • 2 piece rod
  • Both spinning and casting option available
  • Constructed with high modulus flexible graphite material
  • High-quality graphite trigger & TICA graphite APS reel
  • FUJI ring guides
  • Comfortable and durable cork handle


Another great rod for your salmon fishing arsenal, there’s no comparable rod with this rod. Every facility is available in this rod. This

2 piece

rod is an absolute combination of durability and performance. Let’s dig out more about it.

It offers you various sizes, actions, and power. We are talking about the 9’6” long rod, heavy power and fast action rod here. The perfect requirement for salmon fishing.

It’s Constructed of high modulus TC2 graphite material, which gives it a light and sensitive blank with high strength and perfect action. There are both casting and spinning options. The High-quality graphite trigger & TICA graphite APS reel seat for casting and spinning models.

With this Light and sensitive blank with high strength and perfect action rod, it offers you a soft cork handle rod. It gives awesome handling when even it’s wet. The FUJI Hardloy ring guides are available for a more smooth and accurate cast. You can feel the joy while holding and fishing with it.

No chance of arm fatigue after a long time fishing. Give it a try for your next salmon fishing trip.


  • sensitive, yet sturdy construction
  • Lightweight
  • Various option available
  • Durable
  • Great price


  • Some says the guides are not that good



Core features

  • 2 piece Spinning rod
  • Sensitive IM-8 graphite rod blank construction
  • A durable stainless steel guide frame
  • Zirconium guide inserts reduce friction from braided lines
  • premium grips
  • 1-year warranty

Description: Not only they made some of the best fishing reels, but Okuma produces some great rods too! Specially, these Okuma rods are famous for their longevity. This rod is the perfect match for the beginners, let’s see why!

A good sensitive rod is an asset for beginners, this rod is so sensitive because of it’s IM-8 graphite blank construction. Rods made out of Graphite are always sensitive!

The size of this rod is 10’6”, a pretty big rod isn’t it! No worries, you can pack them easily cause it’s a two-piece rod! Last time I took mine on a trip to Alaska for some salmon fishing.

In every Okuma fishing rods review, we mention it’s premium material used in the Okuma guide series. Well, this one got a durable stainless steel guide frame and Zirconium guide inserts which greatly reduces the friction from braided lines.

I was so impressed when I got proof that it actually works! These features gave a much smoother fishing experience than many other rods.

In past days there was a lack in Okuma salmon trolling rods, with this series the position is filled. With the durable blank and sensitive tip, it offers a premium fore and rear grips made with cork. I think it’s one of the downsides, they could use carbon grip on this series like they did in this Okuma SST carbon grip rod. Though the cork handle works fine for most of the anglers, just a few are not happy with it!

All Okuma SST rods are backed by a 1-year warranty, you will get a fast change if there’s any problem during shipping! Lastly, another great option for salmon/steelhead angles, explore more from down below.

7. St Croix Triumph


Core features

  • 2 piece spinning rod
  • SCII graphite blank construction
  • Hard aluminum-oxide guides with black frames
  • Good quality Cork handle
  • 5 years warranty

Description: The best thing that every angler loves about St Croix rod is they are fully handmade! St Croix Triumph is a handmade rod manufactured in Fresnillo, Mexico. These 2 piece spinning rods are one of my all times favorite! I can put them in some of the best salmon spinning rods available in the market! Let’s find out why.

You can mention it St Croix travel spinning rod, easily packable and you can break it into pieces before going for a trip. What we found about this st Croix salmon rods are superbly lightweight and offer a great sensitivity!

St Croix Triumph rod is made with premium quality SCII graphite, I can assure you, folks, that they are extremely durable because of the double-coated premium quality material. It’s a rod which provides an outstanding combination of strength, sensitivity and hook-setting power.

The hard aluminum-oxide guides are top-notch in this segment! So accurate in casting and awesome performance in saltwater. Most of the St Croix rods are a little bit expensive than other rods, but they always give you the best value! Every segment is good that you don’t need to make any change.

Though it has a cork handle yet offers really good! I saw some low-quality cork handle which really sucks, they made me so uncomfortable while wet and once there’s a stain it’s too hard to remove them.

But this one really amazed me! Besides that, it has a great reel position. A perfect reel positioning ensures a better grip and cut the chances of arm fatigue.

Overall it’s a win-win situation if you afford these salmon/steelhead rods. The 5 years warranty definitely made the offer more interesting! And St Croix rods never made me regret, for years they are many anglers #1 tackle gear without any problem.


1. Where can I find salmon in the Atlantic?

Salmon from North America migrates into the Atlantic from their native rivers in the spring. They spend their first summer, Autumn and winter in the Labrador Sea.

On that same spring, they move to these following coastal waters.

  • East Greenland
  • Labrador coastal area
  • Canadian Arctic
  • West Greenland

The next winter, most of the salmon reach adulthood and ready to reproduce. So they go back to their native freshwater and spawn.

2. What type of rod is best for salmon?

There are many ways you can land a sizable salmon. But any seasoned open-water salmon anglers would recommend you to go for downrigger trolling method.

The key advantage of a downrigger to Target salmon at any depth without adding extra weight. If you’re really serious about landing trophy-size king or Chinook salmon, get a good fish finder. And match it with a well-tuned downrigger for trolling.

Remember, it’s best to stick with a salmon rod that labeled as downrigger. But veteran anglers can match up with the style with casting/trolling style rod. Just don’t use spinning rod or reel on a downrigger. It’s not worth the effort, trust me.

3. What is the best type of bait for salmon fishing?

I would recommend using live bait for a better chance. And while out at it, use roe (eggs) as a bait. But lately, pro anglers started rigging “cut bait”. Just place your bait and jam it into the pocket of the teaser head. Notice a small hole? It’s them to make your bait stick. Get a toothpick and pin it straight through the hole.

Now cut the extra woods evenly both sides. Wala. You’re ready to go. Just keep it, simple guys. Don’t complicate things. It won’t increase your chances of a bite. Trust me.

You could also pick up some anchovies from your local tackle shop. Mix them up with ice cream rock salt. This will reduce the tenderness and allow you to troll for longer with the bait. And here comes the key ingredient, the fire dye. Mix the bait well with it.

Fire dye will make your bait look vibrant and shiny. This will attract any salmon close by. Even in murky water. But you’re giving up the natural odor of your bait. Oh, don’t forget to soak your bait for s couple of hours. If you wanna go with brine, then soak it overnight. Check out how Mr. Mick does it for decades.

4. Have considered using a red line?

Not everyone knows that color dissipates as they go deeper within the water. Different color loses its identity in different layers on the deep.

The first color which loses its profile is red. If you toss up your line as little as 15 feet, Wala, it’s gone. So choosing a red line is actually a great idea for deep diving fish like coho or king salmon.

The line will be completely invisible to them. Thus presenting your bait more life-like. But you won’t have much luck with this tactic on sockeye salmon. They can see red.

5. Why understanding the taper off the rod is important?

Understanding the taper will let you know how you’re rod will perform and what kind of material is used to forge the rod. A premium build rod with an extra fast taper will bend close to the tip.

Whereas an extra fast taper will bend the rod slightly closer towards the butt section. Each taper type is suitable for a certain fishing style as well as the lure presentation. So you need to match the taper with the proper lure type for optimized and efficient performance.


Salmons isn’t easy to catch, yup it’s a daunting task to find the best salmon rod setup. But after having a rod, the game is on! The more you fish, the more you gather experience. Which is the most important thing to achieve!

Here we only showed best fishing rods for salmon, but if you need a salmon fishing reel then why don’t you give a look to our recently updated post on Best Saltwater Spinning Reel for 2019. Trust me, those reels are really damn ready to fight along with a rod.

This list features the best salmon fishing rods on the market so you can totally rely on them. Just pick one and get ready for some exciting salmon fishing.

So, at the end of this point, If you are looking for an awesome but cheap price rod, the Ugly Stik Elite is the one you are looking for.

But if you compromise the price and want the finest durability, power, and versatility, you can have the Lamiglas Kenai Kwik Heavy Action Cast Trolling Rod without any doubt.

Happy fishing, folks!


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