Top 5 Pike Lures


1/28/12 @ 10:42 AM

Just wondering what baits people think work the best for Pike.

Here’s my top 5:

1. Rapala Xrap #14 or #12 2. Spinner bait with large trailer 3. Red DareDevil or 5 of Diamonds spoon 4. Live bait 5. Inline spinner (Bucktail)

Honorable Mentions

Husky Jerk (Clown color) Mepps Syclops (Yellow)

Also since I’ve never fished Pike early in the Spring I’m needing advice on which baits work best for Pike after Ice out. Thanks much.



5/13/13 @ 8:41 PM

I was just coming to the forum to ask this very same question. As a teenager it was always a red and white Dardevle that caught pike in northern Wisconsin. But I also had luck with buzz baits the last time we visited my favorite lake in 2003. Was looking for Dardevles on ebay and man are they expensive! Average price was about $10 per spoon. Ugh!! We are headed back there in early July. I hope they are biting.

5/12/13 @ 9:47 PM

Mepps #5 in Brass/Black hair is my #1 Pike/Muskie lure. No frills, deadly. Already have about 25 Pike this spring on that one lure (in about 4-5 hours of fishing). Like I said…deadly. Using it in stained, 4′-5′ deep water.

5/2/13 @ 5:09 PM

Zara spooks……..mepps spinners with a white buck tail………beetle spinner with a yellow or white twister tail……..jointed rapala in silver……….little Cleo’s in all colors………..

4/29/13 @ 4:29 AM

Hedin96… Are you twitching your rap or just reeling it in? Use a twitch, twitch, pause technique if you dont already. Also are you using a leader or a swivel? That may affect your presentation. I usually just tie on strait to the line instead of using a leader. If you do that make sure youre using a braided line so you dont get bit off. I prefer sufix 832 in the 50 or 65 lb test. Hope this helps.

4/25/13 @ 6:22 PM

i’ve caught countless pike on spinners, bucktails, spoons, and i’ve had minimul sucess on live bait. also i’ve spent countless hours fishing an xrap, and zero fish, zero hits, any help?

4/25/13 @ 10:31 AM

Spinner baits and White and red Mepps spinners I have really good luck using A beetle spin setup just putting on a larger sized jig head and grub to to keep the depth i like. That setup alone has caught me northern in quarries to streams and lakes

4/6/13 @ 8:23 AM

Dare Devils, Spinner Baits, Crank Baits, Jitter Bugs, Jointed Rapalas…

4/5/13 @ 9:59 AM

“So the next time I went to my pike like I know of in NE. I used a 5 inch white pearl minnow and I put back any under 35 inchs. I caught my limit of 36 inches and above.”

I sure hope you’re not fishing any of the lakes I fish. It’s pretty sad when people have to keep every big fish they catch. Frankly, the only reason to keep a fish is for food and you can pretty much catch “eater-sized” pike at will in most areas they inhabit. If you want a trophy on the wall, so be it, replicas look better and I doubt anyone is getting a skin mount of a limit of 36″ and longer fish. I hate when one person’s selfishness is put ahead of the fishery as a whole. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it ethical.

4/2/13 @ 4:27 AM

I prefer Storms thundersticks over rapalas due to them being plastic. Always get better hookups with plastic. Spinnerbaits will kill em every time. I use terminators. The titanium is way more durable then standard steel wire. Topwater frogs. I like the Strike King KVD sexy frogs. I plan on using a couple new baits for pike this year. I bought some esox cobra musky jigs with shad trailers. Also I got some new spring dogs and a small squirko I want to try. Finally im gonna get some new whopper ploppers wet this year. Should get em goin im hoping.

2/10/13 @ 6:45 PM

1) Spinner Bait 2) Johnson Silver Minnows with Uncle Josh’s Bass Strips 3) Any Topwater 4) Minnow Baits 5) Daredevils



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