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For beginner and avid fishermen who fish for pike, to get the best catch of the day, having the right fishing lure is a must. Out of all of the pike fishing lures available, 10 are recommended by Pasha Lake Cabins and David Brown and James Hall of Outdoor Life.

Lures for Large Pike

Both the Booyah Pikee and the Koppers Live Target Jointed Yellow Perch are among the top 10 because they can reel in big pike and stand up against huge, strong jaws. Also, the Mepps Syclops and the Daredevle Spoon can attract huge trophy pike because of their contoured spoon design, which can jig easily through deep spots and ice.

Lures with Speed

The Cisco Kid Topper and the Red & White Pike Fly are two pike lures that make the top-10 list because they are both perfect for attracting pike due to their torpedo design, which allows them to travel at high speeds.

Lures That Look Like Real Bait

The Curly Tail Grub lure is one of the top 10 lures because it is as close to real bait as you can get. Also, the Spro Hair Jig, the Dahlberg Diver and the Heddon Rattlin’ Spook make the top 10 because they can fool pike with their replication of animal movements and features.

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