The Best Northern Pike Lures To Use In 2018: A Fisherman’s Review

One of the most enjoyable experiences that any angler can have is fishing for Northern Pike. They are aggressive fish that are known to put up a fight when they get hooked. Most Northern Pikes weigh at least ten pounds, so successfully reeling one in is a large feat, but most pike are caught when the angler is targeting other types of fish. How do you target a Northern Pike? What are the best Northern Pike lures to use? This guide is designed to help you find the best lure for your next fishing trip that is targeting Northern Pike, but first let’s dive into the waters where Northern Pike are most likely to be found.

Time of Year

Catching a Northern Pike is not extremely difficult, but the larger your prize, the better right? To ensure that you are coming home with a big one, it is important to know where the larger Pike will be found during each season. Here is a breakdown that could help find the right area to sink your line:

  • Spring – Pike are born in sandy areas in rivers and streams, which are typically near the shore, so this is the area where they are most likely to be found during this time of year. Northern Pikes like to be in the safety of the weeds, but since they are lacking during early spring, they will find sanctuary in the shallow water.
  • Late Spring or Summer – Once the weeds and vegetation has begun to take over the breeding grounds, you can expect to see the Northern Pike moving from this area. Smaller Pike will stick to the weeds near the edges of the vegetation in the bay, while others who are a bit larger will venture out. Medium Pike will typically stay in the safety of the bay, but they tend to favor the outer edges. The largest Pikes will move even further out of the bay to the leading edges of the bay.
  • Fall – The presence of Northern Pike in the fall will depend on the amount of Muskies that are in the body of water. If there are none, then the Pike might decide to head into the deeper depths.

Time of Day

The time of the day also affects how active the Pike will be and the chance of them chasing after your lure. Northern Pike can be caught at almost any time of day, but the fishing technique that you use may need to change. Pike do not tend to eat in the dark, so it is important that you take advantage of this and look for Northern Pike in the early morning, especially right near the time that the sun is going to rise. Big lures are great for the calm morning waters, as it will draw the attention of the Pike.

During the afternoon hours, the Pike tend to relax in the weedy areas of the water, so trolling is a good method of fishing that will be highly effective. Right before sunset or as the sun is going down, the Northern Pike will often venture back out to hunt, so this is the perfect time to nab one as well, but once the sun has set, they will often be quiet for the night.

Types of Lures

Northern Pikes can eat a lot of different things in the water. They are not picky eaters, so the type of lure that you use only needs to be effective at attracting their attention. Check out this video with some of the different types of things that have been found in the stomach of a Northern Pike.

Of course, those items are not what you will be using to catch a Northern Pike, so let’s take a look at type of the best northern pike lures and bait that you might be using. Remember, a larger lure often means the possibility of a larger fish.

  • Live Bait – This includes living animals such as worms, frogs, and minnows. They help attract the Northern Pike, but if you have the right type of lure, they are often not needed.
  • Crank Bait – This type of lure has a number of hooks that makes it easy to get a Pike. In addition, crank bait causes a good bit of disturbance in the water, which is a great way to attract the pikes attention.
  • Spinners – These are also great for causing a disturbance in the water, but on a smaller scale, so they will attract smaller sized Northern Pike.
  • Spoons – These are typically very shiny, which is a great way to get the attention of a Pike.
  • Floating Mice – These are great lures for shallow waters, as they will float above the weeds and attract the Pike.

Type of Fishing Line

Pike are reasonably large fish that can break a strand of fishing line with ease. In addition, they have razor sharp teeth that can easily cut the line, so it is a good idea to use braided fishing line to make sure it can hold up to the fish that you are attempting to reel in. Try to find braided fishing line that is at least 15 pound test, in case you are lucky enough to hook a big one.

Top Lures To Use For Northern Pike

1. Mepps BD5TSBLP-W Double Blade Aglia

Mepps BD5TSBLP-W Double Blade Aglia

This spinner features a dual blade, which provides an additional surface that flashes and attracts the Fish that you are trying to catch. The blade coloration, the sound, and the vibration produced by the spinning of the Mepps Double Blade Aglia are all designed to grab the attention of a Northern Pike and keep it. The tail of each lure is tied by hand and died to a bright fish attracting color.

This lure is available in hot firetiger, silver white, red white, gold yellow, silver blue, hot orange black, hot pink chartreuse pink, hot chartreuse black, hot chartreuse orange, rainbow trout white, gold red, and copper black, so you have plenty of options. The choice is yours, but I have found that lighter colored lures seem to attract Northern Pike the best.

Things We Liked

  • This spinner is great for attracting small to medium sized Northern Pike.
  • A large variation on color options so it’s easy to shop around to find one that works best for your fishing style.
  • Available in a size three and five.
  • Five is great for fishing for Northern Pike, but the three is a great option if you want to use the lure while you are fishing for other types of fish as well.
  • The reel is lightweight and easy to cast; in fact, many of the interior gears are designed with holes in them to make sure that the weight of the reel is acceptable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Slow retrieval with this spinner is not perfect, as the blades sometimes have a little bit of difficulty spinning properly.

2. Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait

Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait

The Booyah Pikee is a great spinner to use when you are trying to lure in Northern Pike. It has a Vibra-FLX 0.45 wire that is durable enough to withstand the sharp teeth of the Pike, and it also features a Silo-Tek skirt that has 84 different strands that are each designed to grab the attention of the Pike. The device also features double willow blades that are shiny enough to attract a fish alone, but they also vibrate and make noise as they travel through the water.

This spinnerbait is available in several different color options, which include: red craw, midnight, crawfish, perch, sunfish, shad, shadtreuse, and glowtreuse. Each of these variations are great for attracting fish, but they are designed to resemble fish that the Pike may eat, so a lure with a lighter coloration may work best.

Things We Liked

  • The double blades are great to use in shallow water.
  • This is a durable lure that will work great in cold water.
  • This lure comes with a wire leader, which is very useful.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The paint on the head of the lure is easy to chip, especially if it rubs against a rock in the shallows.
  • This spinning action can cause weeds and vegetation to get tangled in the lure, which reduces the chance of hooking a fish.

3. Rat-L-Trap Lure

Rat-L-Trap Lure

The Rat-L- Trap lure is designed to closely resemble the body of an actual minnow. It moves through the water in a very similar swim pattern, and it also creates the sound that can be heard from a school of minnows in the water, so when a Northern Pike comes across this lure, it is hard to resist. This lure is also painted in a similar coloration to a minnow, so when it is in the water, it is easily mistakable.

This lure is available in a plethora of colors, such as: chrome blue back, chrome black back, gold, white red head, chrome shad, red crawfish, avocado zombie, bleeding shiner, and tequila sunrise to name a few. There are actually more than 100 small fish variations that may attract a Northern Pike, so test the waters and find one that works well with your fishing style.

Things We Liked

  • There is a huge variety of sizes and color variations to fit your fishing needs.
  • This lure has a great rattle when it is moving through the water, which is very effective for catching fish.
  • The durability of the device is beyond compare; in fact, it is difficult to chip or crack the lure at all.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This lure picks up weeds, so it is best used in areas that are not close to the shore, which is where smaller Northern Pikes can often be found.
  • The paint on the lure tends to chip easily, which can give the lure a worn appearance.

4. Heddon One Knocker Spook

Heddon One Knocker Spook

The Heddon Spook is a top of the water lure that is designed to look like a wounded or a dying fish. It makes a loud rattling sound that attracts the Northern Pikes in the area and brings them to your hook. If you utilize the walk the dog fishing technique, you are sure to catch a live one. It is designed with large wide eyes and color options that look extremely realistic. You can purchase this lure in ghost, okie shad, Arkansas shiner, black and gold, z-shad, and g-finish tilapia.

Things We Liked

  • This lure is great for fishing in both clear and murky water.
  • This device is a durable lure that will be able to be used for multiple fishing seasons.
  • The realism of this lure is very effective at attracting fish.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This is a top of the water lure, so it may not be great for certain times of the year when Northern Pike are found in deeper depths.
  • This lure is not great for some fishing techniques since it is designed to be used on top of the water.

5. Original Dardevle Spoons

Original Dardevle Spoons

This is a black and white spoon style lure that has been used for decades as a way to catch Northern Pike. It is designed to quickly grab the attention of any Pike in the area with its shiny design and the wobbly aspect of the lure when it is reeled in at medium to fast speeds will have the fish on your hook in no time. It is a great lure to use in murky water, but it is also effective in clear bodies of water as well. The original Dardevle is red and white, but you can chose from a few other color variations if you prefer something a little shinier in the water, though the underside of all of these lures are shiny enough to attract the fish.

Things We Liked

  • Even though this lure does not look like a fish at all, it is extremely effective at attracting the attention of Northern Pike and other types of fish.
  • Medium to fast movements with this lure attract the fish best.
  • The wobble of this lure is nearly irresistible to Northern Pike who may be swimming nearby.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Weeds can easily get caught on a slow moving hook, so it is best to fish in deeper water or troll quickly through them.
  • The paint easily chips and fades with a lot of use, which is a minor annoyance for some.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Fishing for Northern Pike is an exciting time for many anglers, as they are tough fish to catch and successfully reel in. We have discussed a lot of tips to help you pick fishing lure that will work for Northern Pike as well as reviewed a few different lures that have been known to be great when you are targeting a Pike.

Out of the five products that we reviewed above, the one that comes in slightly ahead of the rest in my experience is the Original Dardevle Spoon Lure. As this lure is pulled through the water, the Northern Pikes in the area cannot seem to resist the urge to bite onto it. In an instant they are hooked, and it’s time to reel in your catch. It has been a tried and true lure that many anglers have used for decades, so since it works so well, it is out top pick. Paint chipping can be an issue, but it is a durable lure that can take a bit of abuse. Just remember to bring a net along on your next fishing excursion to help you lift your catch into the boat once it is hooked. Losing a giant Northern Pike without getting a picture will not net you any bragging rights amongst your fellow anglers.


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