HD Trout Fishing Lure | Crankbait Designed by Dynamic Lures

January 29, 2020 Gintulis 0

Description This amazing lure is popular for its small profile and amazing action. This lure was researched and designed specifically for trout fishing in Colorado, but this lure has gained popularity among trout anglers across the U.S. No other small crankbait has this combination of casting distance, swimming action, maneuverability, and real life-life profile. It…

Lures/ bait for trout – Backpacking Light

January 28, 2020 Gintulis 0

Home › Forums › Off Piste › Fishing & Tenkara › Lures/ bait for troutViewing 16 posts – 1 through 16 (of 16 total) Forums are supported by our merchant partners (disclosure)Author PostsI typically use a spin rod with powerbait or rooster tails and have had pretty good luck with the brookies here in the…

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Best Fly Fishing Flies For Trout, Salmon & Bass 2020 Reviews

January 26, 2020 Gintulis 0

0 Now that Flannel Fishermen & his team have discussed the different types of flies used in fly fishing, it is time to outline some of the best flies to use for fly fishing. If you missed the article on the different types of fly fishing flies you might be a little behind on the…