Spoons – Best Bass Fishing Lures

Spoons For Bass

Spoons are metal lures that use flash to get bass to bite. Some of them have curved bodies that causes them create a fluttering action when moving through the water. Some have no action at all and simply use the flash as their attractant.

Regardless of the action, they are all designed to resemble a baitfish, and in most cases an injured baitfish. You hardly ever just reel them in a straight retrieve, instead jerking the rod and letting them sink creates the appearance of a struggling fish.

The first spoon was invented sometime before 1851, by Julio T. Buel, of Vermont. As the story goes, Mr. Buel was out fishing and dropped his household spoon overboard. As it was sinking down he saw it get bit by a fish. This is what led him to designing the first ever fishing spoon.

It was so successful that in just a few short years it spread across the country and quickly became the lure of choice for serious anglers. Since then, it has evolved into a few different styles, but the basic design remains unchanged.

Types of Spoons

There are two main styles of spoons for bass, flutter spoons and jigging spoons. The main differences are flutter spoons are bigger and have more action. Each type excels when used with certain techniques and in certain conditions.

But because all of them are sinking lures, fluorocarbon is the best choice for line. Both should also be fished with a barrel swivel at the line tie to keep the line from getting twisted. Now let’s take a closer look at each style and what makes them different.

Flutter Spoons

Flutter Spoons

These are the ones that earned the name. Flutter spoons have a curved shape to them, much like a household spoon. The “flutter” part of the name comes from how they have a fluttering action as they sink.

It’s the flutter action that makes these baits so effective. Between the vibration and the flash created during the fall they really draw in attention. That’s why the key to fishing flutter spoons is lifting the bait up and letting it flutter down. They are ideal when bass are actively feeding on shad and other baitfish.

Two of the best flutter spoons are a the Johnson Silver Minnow and a Nichols Lake Fork Spoon. They’re each a little different and the Johnson Silver Minnow is a weedless spoon.

Jigging Spoons

Jigging Spoons

Jigging spoons are typically smaller in size and have little to no action. They are and the ideal choice for cold, clear water. These are more considered finesse lures because of how small they are and light tackle required to fish them.

A lot of anglers use them for vertical jigging, using their electronics to locate bass and dropping the spoon right on their heads. The key is to then jig them up and down vertically to trigger a bite. Kastmaster Spoons are a very popular choice, and one of the best jigging spoons.


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