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Shore Fishing


Bridge of Don; fishing at the mouth of the river Don is popular spot for flatties and you can pick up some eels, cod and whiting. Google Map Refeence 57.177557, -2.076628

Nigg Bay: just a little way out of Torry. Fishing of the rocks can be good for cod but a bit daunting , for mountain goats only i’d say. Google Map Reference 57.129945, -2.051934

Inverbervie Bay

Just south of Stonehaven, inverbervie Bay is a good spot after a storm for big cod. The river Bervie has created a gulley which is just where you want to be fishing fishing of the left shore. Google Map Reference 56.843422, -2.271025

Fraserburgh and Peterhead

Coc and wrasse off the peirs and breakwater in the winter. Flatties and some good bass off the nearby beaches in the summer. Google Map Reference Peterhead 57.500469, -1.770072 Fraserburgh 57.691010, -1.997558

Gourdon Harbour

Fishing after a strom the cod fishing can be very good, just watch that sea it can hammer in. Google Map Reference 56.827434, -2.286101

Peterhead Power Station

Bass and mullet around the hot water out flow. 57.686033, -2.747540

Sandend Rock

Sandend Rock between Cullen and Portsoy is arock outcrop accessible at low tide. Fishing is from 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide. Good for Coalie, pollock and mackeral. Just watch out for the incoming tide. Google Map Reference 57.686068, -2.746802


Shore Fishing

Riverside Drive Dundee

On the Tay estuary fishing for flatties but you can pick up cod, eels, whiting and the odd sea trout or salmon. A very muddy shore so don’t go in to it or you risk getting stuck and very smelly. Google Map Reference 56.451489, -2.988335


The east coast has many charachteristic shores with rocky spits interspersed with sandy beaches. At Carnoustie there are some deep gulleys between the spits at low tide you can wander out and fish the incoming tide as cod come in to feed on bait fish as the gulleys fill up. Be warned that you should not hang about too long as the tide rises, it’s a long swim back. Gooigle Map Reference 56.499068, -2.707339


Shore Fishing

Ardchattan Kirk Bay

Northside of the loch on the A 85 with parking near the Kirk. A grassy pebble beach with mats of seas weed close in to the shore. Be very careful wading out past the weeds as you are on a rock shelf which ends with a shap drop into deep water!. Spurdogs are common plus thornbacks, cod and some sea trout. Google Map Reference 56.470234, -5.339128

Boat Fishing

Cruising to the fishing ground in Creag Ard Charters boat

Oban TSMV Gannet

Offers skate fishing in the waters off Oban. The skipper and owner, David Lauder, has plenty of experience of finding the fish. David Herd took a British record tope of 85lbs in 1999 off Gannet and Darryl Neil had a 238lb skate. The boat takes charters of up to 8 people for up to 8 hours, tackle (Penn rods and reels) and bait is provided as are harnesses and butt pads, a light lunch, snacks and hot drinks are all part of the service. Call Adrian on 01631 720262 or on the boat on 07720 302727 for up to date prices. Google Map Reference 56.416508, -5.470735

Laura Dawn, Oban

A top common skate boat. A new Offshore 105, COP 60 miles licensed for 12 persons run by Ronnie Campbell, call 01631 750213. Google Map Reference 56.416508, -5.470735

Loch Fyne Services

Operate a Wild Cat 39, So Fyne, licensed Cat 2, 60 miles, from Loch Fyne. Fishing is around the Argyll coast and over towards Northern Ireland fishing for an amazing range of species including blue shark and tuna. Contact them at An Cala, Lochgair, near Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8SD or call 01546 886282.Google Map Reference 56.272481, -4.917201

Loch Long, Arrochar

Dingies for hire from Tony Hebson, Shore Rd, Arrochar, call 01301 702720. Google Map Reference 56.197724, -4.747314

MV Claudia

Is a Freeward 35 built for sea angling, 10.7 metres long working out of Oban to fish Loch Lihhne skate and from Tayuilt for general fishing on Loch Etive. Licensed to take up to 12 people, COP 20 miles. Tackle for hire plus free bait and hot drinks, contact Donald Maclean on 01631 720414 or 07775 501658. Google Map Reference 56.416508, -5.470735

MV Heather Isle

Operating out Oban is a 33 foot boat skippered by Colin Currie taking trips out to the Firth of Lorn and around the Oban area. The target species are skate, conger, ling, pollock, thornback wrasse and mackeral. The boat takes 8 anglers of skate or 10 for general fishing, tackle, bait and hot drinks are supplied. Call 01631 562301. Google Map Reference 56.416508, -5.470735


Operating out of Dunstaffnage is a purpose built boat licensed MCA standard area 2, 60 miles, 8 anglers for skate, 10 for general fishing. Their record is impressive with over 150 skate above the 150lb mark and a best of 220lbs in one year. Call 07793 120958. Google Map Reference 56.454704, -5.437431


Boat Fishing

MFV Glorious

Girvan, 32ft boat licensed for 12, pollock, wrasse, cod and conger among the main species, call Mark McCrindle on 01465 713219. Google Map Reference 55.468497, -4.641718


Boat Fishing


Some very good fishing cod, haddock and ling around St Abbs Head. With some wrecks just 10 miles out the combination of deep water close in to the the predominantly cliff and rock shore line and wrecks makes for first class fishing ground. This is cod water with fish in the 20 to 30lb class coming off the wrecks with big pollock likely. Deep water off the shore makes for good fishing mostly for cod up to 10 lbs, small pollock, flatties in clear ground and wrasse. Fishing off the rocks can produce some good cod to 10lbs. Lots of good ground if a bit rough to get to, try around St Abbs Head and Horses head south of Eyemouth. Google Map Reference 55.871031, -2.087544


St Abbs Diving offer charters with their boat Pathfinder. Call Paul O’Callaghan, mobile 0778 098 0179 or 018907 71525.


Call 01897 71312 or 0770 2687606.

Paul Crowe

Boat, Topline. Call 018907 71945 0r 07710 961050.

Jim and Iain Easingwood

North Star, call 01890771676.

Jimmy Dunn

Olympic Star, 01896 50795.

Martin Sprouse

Ocean Maid, 0781 7944776.

Shore Fishing

Off the rocks at Abbs Head you can fish for a variety of fish including cod, ling, pollock, mackeral and some of the more toothy creatrues like conger but first you need to be part mountain goat. The cliffs at Abbs Head are high and dangerous so be prepared and very, very careful. I’ve had a look over them cliffs, I aint got no head for heights and didn’t find it tempting.


Shore Fishing

Kyle of Durness

Bass fishing in the Kyle from the shore, just in case the trout fishing in the limestone lochs of Durness is off or a few moments. Google Map Reference 58.569025, -4.747289

Dunnet Beach

Bass on bait and spinners plus flatties, plaice and flounders. Google Map Reference 58.608046, -3.351327

Scrabster Harbour

Flatties in the summer and cod and whiting in the winter. Google Map Reference 58.612515, -3.540033

Wick Beach

Flatties and bass on lug and rag off the beach. Cod off the piers. Google Map Reference 58.440094, -3.080955

Boat Fishing

MV Freedom

Operates out of Wick fishing in waters favoured by national and international sea anglers. Fishing for turbot, haddock, pollock, bass and ling in this 33ft Aquastar Hardhat holding up to 10 people. Insurance cover up to £2,000,000 for passengers. Contact Colin Richard, Valhalla, Broadhaven, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, KW1 4RF or call 01955 602558 0r 0770 2693245. Google Map Reference 58.441262, -3.086723

MV Stormdrifter II

Operates from Scrabster fishing for a wide range of fish including cod, ling, pollock, wrasse, portbeagle and spurdog. Licensed for up to 12 anglers. Call 07849 776940. Google Map Reference 58.610369, -3.549537

Dumfries and Galloway

Boat Fishing

Onyer Marks

Based in Stranraer have 4 boats licensed for 4 anglers fishing around the Mull of Galloway. They have the knowledge to take you to marks suited to a large range of species (53 at the last count). They can also offer fly fishing for pollock. The boats are Onyermarks, Onyermarks Too, Go West and Riptide, call 017776 840346 for bookings. Google Map Reference 54.906501, -5.022888


Small in stature but with the Tay estuary to the North the Forth to the south and pure North Sea to the east there is a very long coastline along which, especially in the East Neuk, there is a strong tradition of sea fishing. Some very good off shore and on shore marks. For a comprehensive listing of the fishing opportunities all you need to do is log on to this link: http://www.maximized.co.uk/fifeguide/fishing/NorthEast/nesalt.html

Anstruther / Pttenweem / Cellardyke

There are 2 piers at Anstruther to fish of in snaggy water, good for winter cod. The beakwater at Pittenweem and the harbour wall at Cellardyke. Google Map Reference Anstruther 56.219373, -2.695814, Pittenweem 56.210616, -2.728923, Cellardyke56.224694, -2.683369

Buckhaven Beach

Fishing off the stoney beach down near where the old harbour was can be good for cod especially after a bit of a storm. Mackeral in the summer. Google Map Reference 56.168267, -3.043524

Shell Bay

The rocks go ou from Shell Bay with the water getting deeper and deeper fisrt over sand then over rock. Cod, and polloch especially in the gulleys flatties further inshore. Google Map Reference 56.188861, -2.867469

East Lothian

Shore Fishing

Cockenzie Power Station

Because there are bass and muillet here it can get a bit like combat fishing. Good mackeral in the summer. Spinning works well. Things may different now that the station has closed. Google Map Reference 55.969900, -2.969072

Torness / Thornton Loch

Torness Nsuclear Power Station pumps out tones of warm water every day and where you get warm water you get bigger fish and bass. Well you would get more bass if this spot wasn’t like combat fishing at times and many of the guys are fishmonger. You can park in the grounds of the power station. More civilised is the beach at Thornton Loch. Park at the cavavan park and stroll down to the sandy beach. Bass, flounders, coallie and some cod. One guy I know of does well fly fishing as the tide comes in and the bass gorge themselves on the sand skipper. He uses a team of weighted shrimp flies or czech nymphs wading out a little in his chest waders and working down the beach toward the rocks. Google Map Reference 55.962116, -2.396536


Boat Fishing

Gael Charters

Operate Lady Gael, a Freeward 35, Code of Practise licensed to 60 miles fishing in Loch Linnhe for thornback, spurdogs and spotted dobs, conger, whiting, flatties and pollock. Takes up to 12 people. Contact Angus Mann on 01397 701567 or 07747 680498. Google Map Reference 56.679832, -5.307949


Orkney Common Skate

Orkney offers some of the best sea angling opportunities in UK waters with a range of species from record size skate, halibut and conger to double figure cod, ling and pollock. Then there are turbot, rays, tope and other shark and off course haddock and whiting. Fishing in fantastic locations whether its off the shore or in a boat or fishing the many wrecks, including an entire German naval fleet in Scapa Flow. Google Map Reference 58.984763, -2.962680

Boat Fishing

Groat Charters

Operate the 38ft Charles Ann licensed to carry up 12 people out to 60 miles making marks on both the east and west of the Islands available. Contact Harvey Groat on 01856 711254 or 07884 470600. Google Map Reference

MV Bounteous Sea

Is a substantial 72 foot former commercial fishing boat with accommodation for 12 people in 6 twin cabins available for sea angling trip. Call Mervyn Pirie on 01856 771314.

Out West Charters

Operates the 300hp purpose built sea angling boat Charles Says taking 8 to 10 people. Specialising in Scapa and the area around Hoy Island. Contact Alister Wellbank on 01865 850621 or 07760 293033.

There is some fantastic shore fishing available including locations for taking turbot. For more information on the fishing log on to www.seaanglingorkney.co.uk

Ross and Cromarty

Boat Fishing

Creag Ard Charters, MV Rebecca Ann

38ft, carries 12 persons, fully licensed, tackle included (you provide the bait) for fishing around the Summer Isles, Loch Broom and Gruinard Bay. Fishing for skate, cod, pollock, plaice, flounder, and mackeral July to September, other species and big cod at other times of the year. Contact Creag Ard Charters, Camusnagail, Dundonnell by Garve. Call 01854 633380 or mobile 07715075460. Google Map Reference 57.842354, -5.213549


Boat Fishing

Cycharters, MV Cyfish

38ft, takes 12, full safety specifications up to category 2. Trips around Foula, Hildsay, Oxna, papa, South Havra, sea angling trips by arrangement. Contact John Tulloch, 1 Broomfield Place, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 PW. Call 01595 or 07887 945480. Google Map Reference 60.154789, -1.152938

St Magnus Bay Charters, MV Sceptre

Takes 4 to 8 persons fishing for whiting, haddock, ling, pollock, plaice, in spring and early summer, cod and mackeral in the summer. Bait provided on request. Contact, Victor Gray, Vaara, Aith, Bixter, Shetland, ZE2 9ND or call 01595 810378. Google Map Reference 60.253383, -1.397520


Shore Fishing


There is some excellent sea fishing around the coast between Loch Torridon and Loch Broom. Look for sandy bays from August to October and signs of bait fish like sand eels to give yourself a culinary treat by catching turbot from the shore. The scenery is stunning. Google Map Reference 57.432927, -5.815090

Quick Contacts:

Boat Fishing

Arbroath Google Map Reference 56.555769, -2.582489

Jim Swankie, 01596 765064.

Buckie Google Map Reference 57.678381, -2.967297

Peter Hizzett, 07747 626280

Gairloch Google Map Reference 57.729049, -5.694196

Barry Davies, 01445 712458.

Stonehaven Google Map Reference 56.965313, -2.209492

Ian Watson, 01569 765064.



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