Sonny’s super sticky catfish Bait

Sonny’s super sticky catfish Bait


Alright I’m still waiting for some ice to form on the lakes in my area so I can do a true fishing blog but with temps. averaging in the mid to upper 30’s my options are a little limited. So I’m go to blog about my favorite catfish bait. When you ask most people about stink bait the major consensus is that it’s garbage and doesn’t work. In 99% of cases that is completely true. But there is always that 1%. That 1% is Sonny’s Super Sticky Catfish Bait.

First I would like to give you a little back ground on this company. It is owned by Sonny and Cherl Hootman. They are located in Farmington Iowa. They have been in business for 29 years and employee about 4 people. To me you couldn’t ask for a more perfect business. It has everything its a small family business. That loves what they do. Doing it to not become rich but to supply a good product that would be willing to use themselves. They don’t even have a web site. But they do have a phone number that you can reach them at. Id post a link here but I don’t know how to do it. Just give them a call you can order your stink bait right from them. Also they don’t accept credit cards so they will have you send them a check. Last spring me and 2 of my friends each ordered a 5 gallon bucket and it took about a week for it to show up. Yes i did say a 5 gallon bucket.

So all in all I would recommend this to anyone that wants to catch some fish. I always catch great numbers of cat with this bait and not just little ones either. I’ve caught cat’s between 1 to 26 pounds with this bait. Spring Summer and Fall this bait will work for you. Just smear some on your little holey plastic plug and toss it in the water. No special instructions required. Easy enough for a child to do. Trust me my 4-year-old boy baits his own pole. Before long I think he will be out fishing me. But that’s a whole nother story in itself.

Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta



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