Sea isle City Fishing – Sea Isle City Guide

Sea Isle offers surf fishing to deep sea fishing.

Certain beaches are designated for fishing during the summer.  In the fall spring and winter all beaches are available for fishing.  Fishing on the beach at Townsends Inlet is also very popular all year long.

Sea Isle City’s public fishing pier is located at 59th street and the bay right next to the Dealy field soccer field.  Another popular area for crabbing and fishing is on the Sea Isle Blvd causeway on the way into town from Ocean View on the right hand side.  You need to drive past the fishing area and then make the first right and then turn right again to park for the fishing area.   The causeway into Sea Isle is currently being raise several feet.  This construction project will last several years and during this time it may be difficult to access this fishing area. Another good location for fishing and crabbing in Sea Isle is the bulkhead from 79th-80th street and the bay on Robert’s ave. 

Spring and fall are the best time for striper fishing in Sea Isle because the water is 50 to 70 degrees.  Cold for swimming but ideal for stripers.  Once the water temperatures are consistently above 70 degrees the stripers have moved north.   Stripers are back again in the fall as the migrate to the waters of North Carolina for the winter.   Again water temperature is the key to when stripers will move through the area.  You can fish for strippers anywhere along the Sea Isle beach front.  However the best spots are usually close to the jetties as this is where the bait fish tend to school.  Townsend’s Inlet and Corson’s Inlet are also great spots for striper fishing.   The best bait for stripers will vary, so it is always a good idea to check stop by one of the Sea Isle’s tackle shops to ask what is working best.

Summer fishing is less productive but there are still fish to be caught provided you know what to fish for and where to fish.  Kingfish arrive in late April and remain in the area until mid to late October.  Kingfish like are bottom feeders and like the shallow ocean waters just off the beach, particularly near jetties.  The best bait for Kingfish is bloodworms.  Bloodworms are usually available in at least one or two of Sea Isle’s tackle shops, but it is not uncommon that some stores run out.  Artificial bloodworms can be effective in lieu of live worms.  Opinions may vary, but we have had the most success with Fish Bites artificial blood worms.  Remember to use light tackle and small hooks as Kingfish are rarely more that one pound.

Bluefish are common in the waters around Sea Isle from mid summer to fall.  They range from one pound to twenty pounds and are ferocious, strong fighters at any size.  The largest blues are caught in the fall.  Bluefish can be caught in the surf, both Townsend’s and Corson’s Inlets and back bays.  However if you really want to load up on Bluefish, the Starfish docked at 42nd Place in Sea Isle (just next to the Lobster Loft) offers four and eight hour trips. When the Bluefish are running you will catch a lot of fish.    Fresh mullet or bunker is the best bait for Bluefish.

Fluke move into the Sea Isle area in June and stay through August.  They are bottom feeders and most likely found in the back bay and inlets if you are surf fishing.  Check with one of Sea Isle’s bait and tackle shops for the current hot spots.   

For deep sea fishing try The Starfish or Hooker Charter both dock in Sea Isle City.

Crabbing is one of the most popular vacation activities in Sea Isle.  There are only a few spots to crab from the dock in Sea Isle City, the fishing pier at 59th Street and the bay, and the bulkhead at Roberts Ave and 80th Street.  Neither of these spots is ideal, as the best crabbing is further back in the tidal creeks of the bay.   The good news is you can rent a boat and everything else you need for crabbing from one of Sea Isle’s marinas listed below.  You need to be 18 or older and have a valid driver’s license but no boating or fishing license is required.  

Day Boats

The Starfish

is docked at 42 Pl, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 (609) 263-3800 and offers four hour and eight hour deep sea fishing trips.  They have dolphin watching cruises and party cruises. 

The Family Fisherman back bay fishing is a great option for small kids.  They are located at 4216 Park Ave, Sea Isle City, NJ 082374 43rd Place, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 Phone (609) 263-CHUM.

43  (609) 410-9814.  There are no worries about sea sickness since the boat fishes only in the back bays of Sea Isle.

Charter Boats

Hooker Charter –  609-486-6024 or 610-804-8227

Boat Rentals

Boat rentals are available at several locations in Sea Isle.

Larson’s Marina – 7 Ludlam Landing Rd, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243  Phone (609) 263-1554.  Larsens Marina is just over the bridge leaving Sea Isle on JFK Blvd.  Once over the bridge make the first left.

Sunset Pier Marina – 86th Street & the Bay Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 Phone (609) 263-8174

Sea Isle Water Sports Center – 329 43rd Place, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243  Phone (609) 263-9100

Two Chums – 374 43rd Place, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 Phone (609) 263-CHUM

Bait & Tackle Shops

There are several bait and tackle shops in Sea Isle City.  

Sea Isle Bait and Tackle – 42nd and Park, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243  Phone (609) 263-6540.

Two Chums Bait and Tackle – 374 43rd Place, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 Phone (609) 263-CHUM.

Red Dog Bait and Tackle – 5006 Landis Ave, Sea Isle City NJ 08243  Phone (609) 263-7914.

Sunset Pier Tackle Shop – 86th Street & the Bay Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 Phone (609) 263-8174



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