Richard’s Fishing Tackle – 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) Hunting & Fishing Supplies


3365 Walnut Grove Ave
Ste A
Rosemead, CA 91770

(626) 288-7822

My go to place to go for all of my gear. This is my place to go for all my ika’s, senkos, and tackle at a very low price. Richard is always there to give you great information on new fishing spots and to give you other experiences of other anglers. Great tackle shop, low prices, and very good service.

Called today at 5 pm to check hours. Said they would be open until 7 pm. Asked if they had stock of red wrigglers. Said they only had one pack and would hold the item for me. I arrived at 6:17 pm. Closed. Locked. Here are pictures to prove it. Thanks for not giving me accurate hours, telling me you’d hold an item for me, then closing before your said hours.

Great service. Rick will answer any questions if possible. If they don’t have it, they try to get it for you.

Nice shop to get fishing supplies, salt or freshwater. They also have a used fishing rod rack for those who ate looking to save a few bucks. They also offer custom rod building at a reasonable price. Cesar the rod wrapper is there in Saturday’s.

Great place to shop and learn fishing, also offer charter trip from 1 day to 4days. All staff are friendly and willing to help answer if you have any question.

Second time I went there and I never feel that bully this young worker need to have skill with customer he not professional ! He overcharge other hook that I went on yesterday to pay hook and today I went to buy more and he over charge 30 dollar of hook ! Then I ask him that Richard didn’t tax me on Saturday and this younger worker I told him are you sure there tax and he reply me ‘ are you sure? Then there was people they were laughing at me” and i was “WOW ” poor guy not skill at all ! He gonna loose customer !

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Peter has a wealth of knowledge for salt and fresh water fishing.

I understand all the negative reviews. I bought 300 dollars worth of fishing gear and still felt the customer service was horrible. I had rods break that was under warranty and they told me they would only service it once and not to bring it in again if it breaks again. I live so close to this place but I will not be coming back here. They really need to work on customer service skills. Perhaps the workers should be given percentage on sale to be more enthusiastic and helpful.

Another rod they sold me broke. I bought 4 of the same rod and 3 of them broke. Beware of this place!!!!!!!!

These guys are awesome never a dull moment inside Richards. They have a nice selection of gear pretty much everything you’ll need and the service to match with.

Richard’s is a great local bait and tackle shop! The staff here is really friendly, knowledgable, and easy to work with. I came in here the other day before heading out to a boat trip at Lake Mead. It’s been a while since I’ve fished, and I’m used to pier fishing in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, so I figured I needed to brush up on some things and get some advice from some people in the area.

The tackle shop itself is a decent size, and it’s definitely a family mom and pop type of place. They have no shortage of fishing line, lures, weights, and rods for just about anyone. I got a lot of good advice from the guys that worked here, and they even taught me how to rig up a dropshot and which types of soft plastic lures to use at Lake Mead. Very personable employees who seem to have a passion for fishing and a solid foundation of knowledge of the area.

It is kind of random that there is a tackle shop in Rosemead, but if you need anything, I wouldn’t hesitate to come in here and ask away! We ended up catching a few catfish and a carp over at Lake Mead, and I’m glad I came in here to get some information before heading out.

These guys also took a look at some of my friend’s vintage fishing rods and gave him a general price point for how much they’re worth. They also took the liberty of spooling our reels with new line!

Really really nice guy. I was passing through and decided to call in I needed a spring I lost and the guy running the shop offered to go home to find a spare one he had for me. Also one of the few shops around carrying Okuma PCH rods

Came here for the first time today Ceasar hooked my lady and me with all the gear we needed to do some surf fishing. He was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Definitely coming here for all my tackle from now on!! Thank you Ceasar

Going on a deep sea fishing trip out of San Diego on Wednesday. I needed to get an extra reel. I went to Richards Tackle in Rosemead. Great bunch of guys, helped me out with all of my questions gave me a good deal with the Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 reel. They even kicked me down with a cool ass Nebo led flashlight! Definitely a place to visit before you set out on your next fishing trip. Store was fully stocked with many varieties from Diawa to Penn to Shimano reels, Phenix Rods you name it. They carry everything you need fresh or salt water. They even have a refrigerator stocked with an assortment of live bait.

Went here for the first time today. I was planning on spending a sizable amount of money and was excited to be there.

First thing I encountered was the three guys eyeing me up outside the front door creating a wall of cigarette smoke. I didn’t exactly feel welcome. I’ll find out later, these guys work there.

When I was ready to check out I could barely get anyone to assist. Another customer had to make a comment and yet 2 of them just sat behind the counter.

The one that finally did, gave me the feeling I was inconveniencing him. Anything but friendly

I asked about fishing licenses and was told it was cash only and that all fishing stores were cash only for a license. That was it for me. Phone calls to three separate fishing stores and I’m calling BS on the cash only thing.

I left. They lost the sale and a customer.

Gem of a find!

Small shop with lots of stuff for any type of angler.

They know their stuff and are constantly out fishing.
The best part – their advice is free – they know all the places to go, where and when.

Even though they are primarily bait casting & spin reel fishing store, they do occasionally get fly fishing questions.

I have been a bait caster angler since I could walk but when I discovered fly fishing in Alaska last year, I started to dabble in it. Got a fly rod and reel for cheap on eBay then walked into Richard’s store.

The first impression was that they had no knowledge of fly fishing so they asked another person and he knew it all!

Got my fly reel spooled up very inexpensively with backing, fly line, and tippets.

Also grabbed some ocean water bait casting stuff as I have lots of rods & reels for them to feed.

Anyone even interested in fishing, needs to come here – forget the big box stores where the employees don’t know a thing about real fishing.

Their prices are lower in many areas, especially sinkers.
Their selection of hooks was amazing – found my Gamakatsu hooks at a price that made me smile like a clam!

While I was there, an older man walks in with spinning reels he got cheap on Craigslist and asked them to spool them up. The employee looked at the reels and asked what the man would be fishing for. Turns out the 50 pound tuna class fish would rip the reel apart as the reels were not made for that type of fishing. Looking dejected, the man decided to get a real ocean reel from them and mumbled that he would be returning the cheap reels he got…

Called asking for a specific rod tip and size. They said they had it. I drove down and after waiting they didn’t have it. I even said, that is why I called first and you said you had it. No apology, nothing. I had this same issue before when they said that have something and ended up not on a few particular reel drags I needed.

Awesome place to find fishing equipment. They share a lot of knowledge and steer their customers in the right direction.

I went in as I am new to fishing and asked a couple basic questions about cleaning the rod and reel after a day of fishing. The young helper responded “do you clean your guns with water? then you don’t for your fishing poles” I walked out and went back to Turners

I actually just left this place. I walked in because it has good reviews and I wanted to learn a little bit about fishing. I am trying to get into the sport. I can honestly say I will never return to this spot. They ignored me from when I first walked in the door. I then proceeded to speak loudly with my friend who is trying to learn about this stuff too and still not even a simple hello to us. We walked around the store looking at everything picking up stuff making comments looking at the staff standing behind the counter. Still nothing. Walked to the counter and stood there for a good 5 minuets still nothing. I don’t see how these people say they are great. For me I would have to say it was the worse experience. Sad thing is my friend and I were planning on spending a good deal of money. About 500 each.

Sometimes I feel like I am their only customer as they spend an amazing time giving me service, that is over the top.
The parking is horrible, but worth the walk or driving around.
The prices and helpful hints about equipment and “hooks” are worth the drive from my house.


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