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Garden River 2017 Trip

September 2017

Our Garden River Camp

taking a trip and your invited to join us..!! The
past twelve years we have hosted a trip for a group of
anglers to remote stream named the Garden River.
The Garden River flows thru Native American Lands near
Sault Ste Marie, in Ontario Canada. It hosts huge
Salmon runs each September. The first nation reserve
lands are private and you can only go with a sanctioned
native guide. Our group of anglers hires native
guide Ben Belleau to outfit and guide our group on the
private Garden River Reserve lands.

Garden River is a fisherman’s paradise. At first
it was just a group of fishing buddies. each year the
group grew larger and larger. Over the years we
have forged a strong friendship with Native American
Outfitter Ben Belleau and his family. They know the
river well and provide us with a comfortable fishing
camp for a very reasonable price.

We are the
only group that will be camping and fishing on one of the most productive
section of the Garden River. Most of our group fly
fish and the numbers of fish we land are almost
unbelievable. We have miles of river all to

Joe with a monster 39 inch Garden River Chinook Salmon he caught 200 yards from the camp

with a Garden River Hog.

It is
the best fishing I have ever experienced. You can
literally catch fish till your arms hurt..!! I used to fish the Pere Marquette in
Michigan and the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY and I
honestly believe the Garden River gets a bigger run of
Chinooks than either of those streams. We seldom see
another angler that isn’t part of our group. Very few
natives fish for the Salmon. Fishing in such
un-pressured conditions is impossible to find anywhere
else in the Great Lakes area. Only a select few non
natives have ever had the chance to fish the Garden

Pink Salmon like this one number in the thousands near our Garden River camp

great, huh. Believe it or not the abundant Chinooks and
aren’t the draw. There are literally LOADS of Pink
Salmon in the Garden River. It gets the biggest return
of Pink salmon in the whole Great Lakes chain. We find
that the Pink Salmon take the fly much better than their
cousins. Although the Chinooks and Pinks seem to
overtake the river, It is a mixed bag fishery.
Last year our group of anglers caught Chinook, Pink,
Coho, and Atlantic Salmon. Plus there are steelhead and
resident rainbows and brookies to be had. Five
line class world Record fish have been taken on this
stream, that barely even gets fished.!! The wild fish
are big and plenty full. Some of the guys last year averaged
20 fish landed per day. The Pink Salmon are very
aggressive fighters for their size.

rare occasion the Pinks and Chinooks Cross-Breed.
They are known as Pinooks. I caught this 40″
Pinook while fly fishing

Jeff shows off a big Garden River King salmon he caught on the fly.

Garden is a beautiful stream it is mid sized,
runs clear and is perfect for fly fishing. Heavy
flooding in the spring clears the river banks of timber
and brush. This makes it a very easy stream to walk and
wade. These days
finding fantastic Salmon fishing in solitude is almost
unheard of. Some of our group last year commented that
the fishing was better than their past Alaskan

Pink Salmon are great table fare.

Ste Marie is about a six hour drive from Toledo Ohio and
Six hours from Niagara falls NY. We do not guide you on
this trip. We will be there fishing along side of you. The Native American outfitter we hired
gains us access to the best sections of the river. You will not have to hurry to your fishing spot in
the morning. Our Native Guide has agreed to guide only
our group during the peak of the run. Our group will be the only ones there.
The rustic tent
camp is located about thirty feet from the rivers edge
on a exceptional section of river. You can fish feet
from the camp and catch all the fish you desire too. The
scenery is breathtaking and the wildlife is everywhere
you look. Bald Eagles, Moose, Otter, or you may even
get a glimpse of a Black Bear.

Garden River Ontario Bald Eagles

We will
NOT be guiding you on this trip, Your guide will be a
Sanctioned Ogibaway Native Guide who lives on the
You will be fishing along side us. Of course we help
each other out netting fish, taking pictures, ect. Your
native American guide will gain you access rights to the
stream and will know exactly where the fish are. From
there you will be on your own. The guides are fluent at
speaking English and are excellent woodsmen. The
fishing is easy and you will be very successful. .

View of the Valley our camp is in

will be in large 10 by 20 wall style tents located right
along the river bank. You will get a comfortable
oversized cot to sleep on and the tents are heated with
safe heaters. There are two hot water showers in camp.
Imagine waking up to the smell of bacon cooking
in a cast iron skillet, just feet from the fishing
action. Does it get much better than, sitting around a
campfire in the evening sipping on some crown and
conversing about the days adventures. At night in your
bunk you will be able to hear the sounds of Salmon
splashing in the river. Bens guides go to great lengths to make you comfortable. Even
though the camp is remote we eat like kings.
Three meals and deserts will be served each day. Meals
like NY strip steak or fried butter flied shrimp and perch. Or how about apple cobbler in the dutch
oven or homemade cherry pie. Everyone’s waders fit a little tighter on the last
day. Food will be first class and the scenery and
fishing is awesome.

Don Mathews with a Garden River Chinook Salmon

It is a
terrific world class fishing experience and that’s why
we are head back every year..!! Most of the group going
this year have been with us before. Its a fun
group of guys who love to catch fish. The package Ben
put together includes
all of your meals, your native American guides, 4WD
transport to the fishing grounds, reservation access
fees, tent lodging ect. You will need to provide
your own travel to Sault Ste Marie Ontario. You will
also need to bring a sleeping bag, your beverages of
choice and fishing equipment (Spin or fly). Cost of the
5 day fishing package is $1350 US and ten days in camp
is just $2500 per man. Give me a call for all the details
if your interested in joining us on this trip of a
lifetime. Thank You..!! Don Mathews
Phone 330-565-5457

  There arel LOADS of Pink Salmon in the Garden river

MATHEWS DIRECT AT 330-565-5457

Relaxing at Dfishinfool's Garden River camp

Check out this Youtube video of Leg #1 of the 2016


Four nights
in camp -five days fishing. Includes all meals.
$ 1350 per
angler. . Spots will
fill up quickly for this trip.

Leg #1
Departing for camp 8:30 AM Sept 9th .

Leg #2
Departing for camp 8:30 AM Sept 13th .

Leg #3
Departing for camp 8:30 AM Sept 17th

Leg #4
Departing for camp 8:30 AM Sept 21st .

Leg #5
Departing for camp 8:30 AM Sept 25th

You may want
to plan on arriving in Sault Ste Marie the night
before you leave for camp. Many hotels are available

Or Pick
any two legs (8 nights) nine days for total cost $ 2500

call to confirm availability 330-565-5457

Fly rods ready to go on the Garden River

Hate to
tie flies? For a very reasonable fee, I will sell
you all of the flies you need for your Garden River
adventure. We have found many effective flies to use.

A angler at dusk in the camp rapids

Garden River is one that must be experienced to be
believed. If fly fishing is your passion you have to go. If your schedule will not
permit you to join our group during the peak of the run in
September. Our Sanctioned Native Guide Ben Bellieu
offers guided trips year round for many species of fish.

Pink Salmon fly fishing on the Garden river is a blast.

Don Dfishinfool
Mathews on the Garden River

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