Night Fishing and top-water for Pike?

I’ll confess……I was the genius who used the term “genius” to describe someone catching pike at night.

My tone was prolly a lil’ sassy. And for that I apologize. The point of that tone was the usual LL Devil’s Advocate who inevitably springs up from the moss like a mushroom to talk about the one northern their uncle caught after dark back in ’52, therefore they’re an expert. Happens on LL every day, was just trying to preempt that.

If you guys are catching numbers of decent pike consistently after dark……more power to ya. I’d keep it on the DL though, otherwise some tool like me is going to start asking to come along. If you’ve got it figgered out, keep yer yap shut. Nothing ruins a good thing like the internet.

I still stand by my original premise that, on any given body of water, averaged out over the long haul through the days, seasons and years, daytime guys will outfish the nighttime guys 10-1 for pike. If you can do better than that, more power to ya.

I’m sure this is at least somewhat specific to certain bodies of water. Just a “for instance,” we’ve hit my BIL’s family cranberry marsh every year one weekend during mid/late summer for 4 years now. We get there 45 minutes before daybreak. As in…its black when we get there. At least WHERE we’re fishing, the pike don’t really start crankin’ until the sun is up and over the trees. Honestly, it’s usually early/mid morning before they get going, and then they take over for the bass and you can’t keep a pike off your line after that. We often go back and fish the same shoreline again after the sun has come up that we hit in the dark when we first got there, and voila, pike on! But two hours prior in the dark, you’re catching bass or nothing.

As the younger generation would say…..what evs. Good luck out there, ladies and gentlemen. Wish I knew a good night pike spot around here because it sure is alot easier to get away from the ol’ lady and the munchkins after dark.


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