Mediterranean Fish

Below you will find some of
the species of fish that you might encounter whilst diving, sea fishing,
shore fishing or eating out in Cyprus. Some however are more tasty than
others. If you do come across them in the wild and you feel the need to
capture them, do it with your camera…..enjoy, and then send them into
our pics page !

The 2nd half of this page is all pictures of fish caught from Cyprus

    Swordfish in Cyprus - xiphias gladius
           Sword fish 
(Xiphias gladius)
I remember when these were being brought in at latchi harbour in the 1980’s,
they were surprisingly big.

Scorpion Fish around Cyprus
Very similar in looks to the poisonously spined lion fish is the Scorpion
fish   (Scorpaena scrofa )

Red Mullet - very popular fish used extensivly in Cyprus
       Red mullet   (Mullus
You are very likely to encounter these local favourites in any fish
restaurant in Cyprus. Red mullet are now farmed in pens offshore.

Rainbow Wrasse in Cyprus
          Rainbow wrasse 
( Coris julis )

2 Banded Bream - A cute Cyprus fish called Fred
Two banded bream ( Diplodus Vulgaris )

 Common Stingray is found off Cyprus
 Common stingray  ( Dasyatis Pastinaca )

Greater Weaver fish from Cyprus
 Greater weaver (Trachinus draco )

Anchovy - the anchovy may be found in Cyprus
  Anchovy   ( Engraulis encrasicholus )

Angler fish off the deep Cyprus waters
Angler fish  (Lophius piscatorius)

cardinal fish an Eastern mediterranean fish
Cardinal fish   (Apogon imberbis)

Tunny or tuna are often fished from 
	cyprus in season
Tunny / Tuna  ( Thunnus thynnus )

White Grouper from Cyprus
 White grouper   ( Epinephelus aenus

Sea Horses may be seen in Cyprus waters
Sea Horse

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Now for pictures of real fish, caught recently (2019) from the shore in
Cyprus, each fish picture will enlarge if you click on it and often shows
the lure used to catch it.
 Not for the over sensitive non fisher person.

Shore fishing is likely to yield
the following fish in 2019

We hire Poles, rods and equipment here

Fishing equipment

Dolphin Fish Fish caught from the shore in Cyprus

 Dolphin Fish caught from the shore in Cyprus
this is not a dolphin, it is a dolphin fish

Pondikos - mouse fish -pearly razorfish Fish caught from the shore in Cyprus

Locally known as Pondikos, the mouse fish is commonly known as the pearly
razor fish and was caught from the shore in Cyprus

Loutzos-  Europaean barracuda  -

Locally known as Loutzos – and is commonly known as a European barracuda.

Click these pictures to enlarge them

kourkouna Marbled spinefood - spines can irritate

This is kourkouna and is highly prized locally, it’s ordinary name is
Marbled Spinefood – when catching these it is usual to use a towel to
de-hook as the spines can irritate and cause your hand to swell if pierced.


More kourkouna

Blue runner fish

This is a Blue runner fish

A bowl of kourkouna

Mottled Grouper - binga

A Mottled Grouper, locally known as  Binga

Amberjack -

This is an Amberjack

Barpinocolease Atlantic lizzard fish

Barpinocleause in the colloquial
Atlantic lizard fish to everyone else.

Other fish in Cyprus
waters include;

Eagle ray,  Hardyhead silverside, 
Thresher, Mediterranean Scaldfish and Spearfish, rough tailed Stingray,
Dogtooth grouper, Picarel,  Forkbeard, the common Sole, Bogue, the
shortnose greeneye, bluefish, black goby, devil fish, trachinus drako the
greeter weaver, tope shark, hammerhead, 2 banded sea bream, squid, 
callionymus, white trevally, little tanny, picked dogfish, armed gurnard,
flathead mullet, blue runner, swallow tailed sea perch, chub mackerel,
marbled spinefood, frigate mackerel, Europaean sea bass, derbio, common
Pandora, stargazer, conger, hake, John Dory and now has arrived through the
Suez canal apparently the silver stripe Blaasop who is a poisonous delicacy
and has no predators except us

Leerfish - Litsa

The Leerfish otherwise known in Cyprus as Litsa

These 2 are named above, see if you can tell what they are them. Answers on
a postcard or e mail



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The Anglers page

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