How To Rig A Zoom Super Fluke For Inshore Fishing [VIDEO]

Who says that Zoom Super Flukes are just for catching bass!

That is certainly what I thought when growing up.

But although the Zoom Super Flukes are most commonly known for their bass catching ability, they also make for a great soft plastic jerkbait for catching redfish, and trout on saltwater flats.

In this post and the video at the bottom of this page, you’ll learn some important tips on rigging tutorial including what type of hook to use and also how to select the best pack of them at your local tackle store.

Best of all, this quick video discusses the importance of properly rigging the zoom super fluke. Because a hook that is even slightly off center will worsen its action underwater. So it’s best to re-rig the jerkbait if the hook is not coming out of the very top of the bait (video below).

Pros of the Zoom Super Fluke

  1. Great action in the water for catching snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, and bass
  2. They are relatively inexpensive
  3. Very soft material allows for high hook setting performance
  4. Versatile bait that can be rigged with many different hooks or jig heads
  5. Heavy enough to cast with only rigging on a hook yet light enough for soft landings when sight fishing

Cons of the Zoom Super Fluke

  1. Their tails can easily be bitten off by small fish (most common culprits are pinfish and puffers)
  2. Very soft material allows for them to be ripped easily… so they frequently need to be changed after catching fish (however I guess that’s a good problem to have)
  3. They are prone to helicopter (continually twisting) in the water when not rigged properly… highly recommend weighted hooks as featured in the video.

How To Rig A Zoom Super Fluke [Video]

Click on the video image below to see a quick tutorial on the most effective way to rig a 5″ Zoom Super Fluke for more strikes.

Note: I highly recommend using weighted hooks as shown in this video when using super flukes in shallow water.

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Click here to learn more about the weighted hooks shown in this video (they’re tough to find in stores, so we decided to offer them to our readers at an unbeatable price while supplies last).


As you can see, these Zoom Super Fluke jerkbaits are extremely versatile so they’re a great bait to have in your tackle box when fishing either fresh or salt water.

And if you’re fishing heavier structure like thick seagrass, mangroves, or lily pads (freshwater), just bury the tip of the hook into the top of the bait to make them weedless (this setup is now one of my favorite lures for when I go bass fishing… it’s deadly when fishing heavy hydrilla and even lily pads).

Give the Zoom Super Fluke a try the next time you head out inshore fishing and let me know how you do.

And if you have used Zoom Flukes and had success in the past, let me know in the comments as well.

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