How to make a Forever Grits Pack Bait for carp fishing.

Click the video below to see a good step by step tutorial in how to make the grits from start to finish!

I have had a lot of requests for this recipe. It is the Forever Grits! It is so simple to make but yet you don’t hear about it too often. The ingredients are simple. The mix is different weights compared to your standard grits recipe. You want one 18oz box of instant grits and then fill up the empty box half way with quick grits. Yes it will bind up, I know what you are thinking to anyone who has made the normal cream corned grits. You then add 2 cups of light corn syrup. You want to leave the bottle out in the sun a little to thin it out or you can simply heat it up on the stove. You do not want to add anything to this mix that will ferment or go off like cream corn. I prefer to add my flavors in later so I am not committed to a flavor at the lake. I usually take a small batch and add flavor at the lake just to play around and find what the fish want.

Now one thing you can do it take the forever grits out and in a separate bucket add a little cream corn and that will be perfectly fine but your cream corn will go off after so long in the sun so never add this back to your original mix and just toss it in the lake if you have any left over.

The grits breaking down, enlarge to see how much attraction is floating around in the water!

Also if you do happen to keep this for a long time the syrup will absorb more and more into the grits so you may have to add a little more syrup if you kept this for a long time. Also for you pva users out there you will want to add more quick grits to this mix so it doesn’t bind up too tight when you compress your pva stick down. Now in the video I did have to add one more cup of instant grits because it was breaking too fast. You will have to get used to adjusting your baits because every box is different so keep this in mind.

A quick stir of the tank shows just how much clouding the grits cause inĀ  the water.

So in closing go try this out on your favorite river , lake , stream , pond or paylake and go catch some carp !


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