How To Find and Catch Deep Water Crappie

Deep Water Crappie

Mitch Harrison explains how to catch crappie in deep water. Finding deep water crappie requires good electronics. You can cover 70-80 feet on each side of the boat, find a depth range of 18-25 feet and set your boat right on top of that spot, and check the imaging for fish. To find these locations, look for creek channels and drops and where they may intersect. You want to find “tops,” either manmade or natural structure. Start shallow and move to deeper water to find these tops. Once you find fish, it’s rather simple. Crappie rigs are easy to set up, and the best bait for crappie is a live minnow. Throw it out here and start catching crappie.

Deep Water Crappie Rigs

Mitch’s rig for deep water crappie fishing has a spinning reel with medium action, which uses a braided line. He uses a 4-foot, flourocarbon leader with a 3/8-ounce egg sinker. Below the sinker is a bead that hits the swivel, which is attached to another 12-inch leader with a crappie hook. Tail-hook the minnow and drop it 20-25 feet and wait for the bite.

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