How does one get fish bait? : blackdesertonline

The only way I have figured to get the bait is in Velia from the fishers quests that seem to be nigh impossible to do in a short time.

Is there any way to craft or buy your own bait somewhere in the world?

I google and found something about trading like 5 fish to get the paste bait from any fisher but its not working right now? I need bait in my life…

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You trade fish to any of the fishing NPCs and they give you little tokens. 5 tokens gets you some paste bait.

EDIT: This is what I know from playing KR. I don’t know how accurate it is for NA/EU. I think the loyalty shop also has bait. EDIT2: Doesn’t look like the tokens are implemented. I believe there’s a daily where you can trade your seaweed in for bait.

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The otter thing in velia keeps giving me these awful little quests for bait with the like 500 people fishing there it takes hours to complete them.

I still haven’t got the seaweed quest maybe I have to clear the other quests off him (literally awful to do) so I cant get bait

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Paste bait on KR is also purchasable in the shop using Loyalty tokens, which is not currently the case on NA. But hopefully it will. I don’t think selling fish to an NPC currently gets you bait either like it does on KR. I can’t find a way of crafting paste bait. I think only the Velia quest is where you can get it for now. Otherwise I would expect to find it in the player market but no one is selling it which must mean it is hard to acquire.

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Would the otter a Demi River supply a quest like this? I’ve only received quest from him to catch certain fish so far.

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You can buy it off AH as well – a lot of people seem to sell it and it’s fairly cheap.


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