Giant Northern Pike – Misaw Lake Lodge

Misaw Lake Lodge - Canada's Ultimate 5-Star Northern Fishing

This is Canada’s Pike Place!

The meaning behind our name says it all…Misaw in the Cree language means, “It is big.” And the fishing adventure truly lives up to its name. Our location provides you with exclusive access to the most untouched northern pike fishing in the world! If you’ve been searching for a monster trophy pike fishing adventure, this is THE destination for you. Come prepared for the best northern pike fishing in Canada!

“I have been fishing all over Canada for 60 years. Today was the best Pike fishing I’ve ever experienced.”Bill Kruse

What’s your goal? A 38″, a 43″, or maybe even a 46″ northern? Well, how about a 48″, or even a 50″ northern? Pike in these size ranges are a daily occurrence at Misaw Lodge. And one of the best parts about the fishing experience here is that you don’t have to be an experienced fisherman/woman to fish these waters. The further north you go, the easier it becomes to fish for this species (due to the water temperatures and low fishing pressure) and Misaw Lodge is one of the most northern fishing lodges in Canada offering trophy northern pike fishing.

Due to the unbelievable pike fishing experience, it’s easy to understand why Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, The Next Bite, North American Fishing Club, In Fisherman, Field & Stream, Fly Fishing Quarterly, New Jersey Record, Detroit Free Press and fishermen from around North America talk about Misaw Lake Lodge!

Trophy Fishing All Season Long!

From mid-June to mid-July sight fishing is almost guaranteed. There is nothing more exciting than a huge northern making its way through the clear shallow water as it races to your lure and then watching the water explode right in front of you. Fly fishermen also find this period as the ultimate thrill to fly fish for one of the largest fresh water fish in North America. These big pike will test the skills of even the best fisherman and strain their equipment to the ultimate performance.

Giant Northern Pike

As summer progresses, from mid-July through September, pike move into the cabbage weeds where the sight of a giant coming up slowly from the bottom and opening its massive jaws to engulf your bait will surely make your heart skip a beat. September pike fishing brings out the really big fish. Large females come back into shallow water and feed on the reefs to fatten up for the coming winter months. The big pike are very aggressive this time of year.

With 16 lakes and rivers available for your exclusive use you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of habitats as your guide motors you across our waters on the “hunt” for monster pike. We’ll have a float plane at the dock all season long to un-tap the massive potential of our fly-out lakes, some which have never been fished.


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