Fishing Tackle Unlimited – Home

Attention fellow fisherman! Stay away from fishing tackle unlimited! I took one of there house green

… rods back to have them put a $75 custom grip in it and replace and eye that was rusted witch on a side note when I got the rod was told has a life time warty. Once I got my rod back it broke in half right behind the eye they replaced. I drive 2 1/2 hrs to take the rod back and they tell me they don’t do the warranty any more! I got a little upset and explained to them that rods don’t just break behind the eyes and after going back and forth got then to replace the rod. Then I asked if I could have the $75 handle back they told me no! I have never been treaded so poorly in my life! I spend A lot of money with them every year and I promise I will never go back! See More


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