Fishing Tackle Unlimited – 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) Hunting & Fishing Supplies


10303 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77024

(281) 954-3242

When I would look for fishing tackle before I usually had to make a couple of stops before I got everything I needed. Not anymore!

The first time I came here I was looking for a net. While most places will have one or two types of nets; Fishing Tackle Unlimited had a whole wall of nets to choose from. I get lost in their aisles and aisles of lures. They really have an amazing selection. Any type of rod and reel you could ever dream of can be purchased here.

I am a kayak fisherman, so I tend to spend a lot of my time upstairs, (this place is so big they have an upstairs). I recently purchased a fishing life jacket from them and it is extremely comfortable. It was nice to be able to go in and try it on before I bought it.

I am already planning my next trip for Tuesday. I am going to get a new anchor, and a new She Pup lure. Don’t tell my wife but I might get a new cooler too. What is great is I know I will only have to make one stop, and I will be ready to fish Wednesday.

Great selection and awesome costumer service! I bought a pole, reel, and some line. After leaving I found the reel online for a lower price online. I called them and they agreed to match the price. Since I paid with a card, they even did it over the phone and didn’t make me come in. I’ll be back! Tight lines…

Nice selection of merchandise and layout, but store hours are horrible and the staff makes you feel dumb for asking questions or being there in general.

Best Service in town!
Bought an Envy Green 13 fishing Rod on a Friday., Snapped it on a Sunday (sadly didn’t hook any fishes on it, probably just my sucky sucky skill). Bring the rod in and they replace it in a split second. Nicest staff they have!

The store is attractive inside and well laid out. Nice selection, tend to specialize in higher-end merchandise, and prices not out of line on this merchandise, but their mid-range stuff can be had for better prices elsewhere.

Knowledge of staff leaves something to be desired. Today I went at lunch, went upstairs, to the kayak department, to find an add-on skeg to improve tracking on a kayak. The guy working the department saw me looking, asked me if he helped, I told him what I was looking for. He looked at me like I was speaking Greek. He said he had never heard of putting a skeg on a kayak (really? skeg vs rudder is the classic debate among kayakers! – 1) and that he didn’t even know of any place you could get one. I said, well, dedicated paddling shops have those (2). He replied that he had worked in a paddling shop before, and they never had those.

I get that FTU is not a dedicated paddling shop, and if their paddling department isn’t going to carry everything you’d find in one, that’s fine, but just admit it, don’t try to make the customer feel dumb by acting like they are asking for something odd or unreasonable. I was able to order one online that will be arriving tomorrow, just in time for the weekend.


The customer service was awesome. Beyond the amazingly huge store, being a local independent company, and having plenty of staff, they took the time to help me. I was looking for an inshore rod and knew generally what I wanted. The associate helped me greatly and answered all my questions and more.

Finally great to stop at a fishing store/department and talk to someone who actually fishes!

If fishing is your life, like mine, this store is for you. They have things you wouldn’t dream of. I have to stop at one of their locations every time I am on my way to the coast. Need gear? They got it. Need to build or repair your gear? They got it.

Everytime I come I’m greeted and asked if I need any assistance, I may have to look around to see where the voices are coming from cause they are everywhere! Which is a good thing

they need to give their employees over at the I10 location a class on customer service. I’ve been a customer for a few years now even though they make me feel like they’re doing me a favor my allowing me to shop there. Today I commit to never shopping there again. I walked out with over 300 dollars worth of costas and gloves and then asked a question about the return policy. The old guy behind the counter was such a dick, that after walking out, we decided to go back inside and get a refund. He continued to be a douche bag and that’s when I decided that I will never set foot at your store again……Hope you guys enjoy the lost revenue……

these guys are assholes……

I put up with the higher prices, but they went too far today.

Wow, just left there booth at the Fishing Show at the Gorger R. Brown. The customer service there was horrible. The young lady working the sunglasses for Costa de Mar was rude and snappy she needs to sit in time out. My husband and I are both buying new sunglasses this fishing season we surly are not buying them from her. I still like this store but I’m differently not buying my sunglasses from this store!

I am fairly new to saltwater fishing (grew up freshwater) one of the employee’s was super friendly and helped me pick out a handful of his favorite lures for the bay, Sure you might pay a little extra here vs academy but ill gladly pay the extra few bucks for great customer service, its refreshing to visit a store where the staff is actually knowledgeable about the products they are selling.

I went to the store with an interest but very limited knowledge in saltwater fly fishing. Andy gave me a rundown of the equipment, answered my questions, and showed me a lot of different items. This was after I told him I probably wasn’t ready to buy anything that day. He and another employee who’s name I can’t remember, maybe Richard, ended up getting me set up with a nice rig that I can’t wait to use.

As I was looking around the store, some of the younger guys weren’t so enthusiastic, but they weren’t rude or anything like some of the other reviews said.

I would go back to this store. I didn’t shop around a lot, but for a local place with knowledgeable staff, I didn’t feel like their prices were out of line.

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Prices are no different than other big retail chains and this store carries so many more brands and items the others do not have.

I dropped off a few reels to get cleaned/repaired, and I had a bad feeling about the place from the minute I dropped them off. The repair shop staff was not very friendly, and it took them around 2 months to complete some minor service work. They never called me to let me know the reels were finished, so I had to keep calling them to check on the status. Once I picked the reels up, they did not even fix what I had asked them to fix.

Supposedly these guys know what they are doing, but I did not have a good experience and will not be going back.

The online customer support for this store absolutely sucks. I’ve written three times today asking about an order that should have been delivered today and wasn’t. At the same time I wrote Bass Pro Shop regarding a cancelation and heard back in five minutes. FTU needs a little internal shakeup.

This is one of my favorite places to visit for fishing tackle. This is the one stop shop for saltwater and freshwater fishing gear. If you can think of it, they have it. The only thing I couldn’t find are small hooks for panfish, extra long (8’6″ +) two piece spinning rods, and handline spools. They carry a few fishing apparels. They also offer monofilament line recycling. (An extra plus in my book.)

I can’t complain about their service, which is prompt and friendly. I have dropped off a rod here to have an eye replaced. I repaired and modified one of my Abu Garcia reels with the extra accessories carried in stock. (Don’t you just hate it when you have a small dinky handle to crank your reel?)

Yeah, their prices are slightly higher than Academy but what I can’t find at Academy I find here, so it saves me on gas.

Make sure you RECYCLE your old fishing lines! I sometimes even pick up old lines I find at the pier or the jetties to recycle here.

Check out the bulletin board as you walk in. If those pics don’t get you in a fishing mood then you are not a fisherman!

I have been going to Cut Rate since 2001 and simply know everything about fishing in Texas. If they dont have it they will redirect you to where to get it. They havent steered me wrong in over 10 years

If i could rate them no stars i would have. I recently got one of my reels serviced and when dropping off they not so kindly reminded me that it would be 35 days til complettion which i was totally fine with since i have 8 of the same reel. Now, the prob was that they never even asked why or what was wrong with the reel. The rude redneck simply didnt care. 47 days later, and no call that it was ready, had to call them. Went to pick it up and the problem was still there. I told the guy that the drag is still not right and his response was thats about right. I kindly told him that it was not right and that i have 7 other reels that prove him wrong at which point an older guy stepped in to look at the reel. He worked on it for about 10 min, fixed the problem and charged an additional 6.00 to the already 25.00 plus 12.00 before for parts that i obviously did not need. No apologies given, not even a thank you when i paid. I will never ever step foot in this store again. I regret spending so much money with this company in the past and will be finding my gear elsewhere. If i can deter just one person from shopping here i will do it. reality check, youre not the only rodeo in town. You better start treating your customers better.


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