Fishing Tackle Unlimited – 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) Fishing


12800 Gulf Fwy
Houston, TX 77034

(281) 481-6838

Andrew. Spoke to this guy over the phone about pricing on reel repair/clean up (starting price $25) and he gave me a tip on why my new spinning reel was loading string lower to mid and not completely evenly (usually 2 washers under reel spool just remove one to push it down) will be by later this week to drop them off. Thank you Andrew

If it wasn’t for the offshore fishing gear that’s you can’t buy in any other stores like academy Bass pro or cabelas I wouldn’t come here. The prices are really high and the staff is really pushy. I really don’t like someone trying to tell me what I need not asking what I came to buy. I have been fishing my whole life over 30+ years and then being told this is what to use and that’s not the right set up. I took two penn reels 209 and 309 and was told with my braid I already had purchased it would be 15$ a reel to install the line so I then said LoL I definitely need not be returning here again and left. I think they are the only place that charges I called my local academy and field and stream both with restring reels free wether you have your own line or buy it from them.

No security had some one let me know some weeks a car is broken into daily!!!
Need cameras and a cop for protection!

Just left the store, not one person asked me if I needed help. Went looking for a kayak- probably the most expensive product in the store and no one to answer questions. Tried to find an employee and the only ones were at the cash register. Obviously do not want my business.

Um women fish too….so why when one walks in everyone seems to drop what they’re doing & stare as if Bill Clinton had just been caught with Moan-ica?

Anyways, so be prepared for that ladies.

Nice selection of all the fishing gear & tackle you may need etc. Although I couldn’t find eagle claw brand leaders. And I’m very disappointed they didn’t have a great Simms women’s fishing apparel selection even women’s fishing apparel in general. I wanted a cool Simms fishing shirt to match my Dad! Lol.
No, not all girls like pink so why do our choices have to be mostly pink?
It was nice to be able just to walk around in this store for like 45 minutes looking at everything in awe. Most of this stuff I could probably never afford but boy I’d sure like it.

Went in here to find a Father’s Day gift & the guys were really helpful. I wish I would’ve got his name but he was a Caucasian man with white/salt pepper hair I think, who spoke fluent spanish! Eavesdropping. Haha!

Staff was all very helpful besides the young girls at the counter. They seemed to have an attitude with me for who knows what. Staring at me like I had a mysterious disease. It was a bandage on my arm for giving blood. Thank you very much. 😉

Besides that, I had a great experience.

Not as friendly and helpful as the store up north. A lot of wade/kayak fishing stuff but not as good at the surf/boat stuff.

Brought a reel to these guys 7 months ago to clean and they lost a part to it. Now they are still telling me they are waiting on a part and it has been 7 months. Absolutely ridiculous.

Good place to go if you need to buy some kid fishing stuff, but not a serious fishing store.

My reel was there for 6 weeks for repair. After 5 weeks i called to find out what was going on. They said it would be ready that weekend. I drove 45 minutes there to find out it wasnt ready. They said they were waiting on parts. The following week i called and again i was told it was ready. Amother 45 minute drive to find the part they said they were waiting for wasnt available from the manufacturer. They never called me after 6 weeks. Terrible service

FTU carries everything you need for fresh, inshore and offshore fishing as well as both men’s and women’s attire for on and off the water. Absolutely the most complete fishing store I’ve visited outside of Alaska. Excellent prices and a great sales staff as well.

No stars!!! After spending a couple thousand dollars in the store. I broke one of the g loomis rods that I purchased there and they would not return my rod with receipt. Horrible customer service. Guy said he would sell me another rod but would not replace it. Yeah, I bet you would buddy. Thanks for all yals help. I will take my future business elsewhere. Not happy at all! Talk about a bunch of crap!

I’ve been coming to this place since before it moved to this location! It’s only gotten better with time!!! The have anything you may want or need as far as fishing is concerned. From rods and reels, to lures, fishing line, fishing nets, kayaks, and clothing! They also have a service department that repairs reels, as well as trolling motors. Their selection of tackle runs the gamut from ultra light to lake and bay, to battleship class rods and reels for offshore! The have probably most major brands, Penn, Shimano, Diawa, G.Loomis, Castaway, and they also carry their own brand of rods as well! They have lures for everything from panfish to sharks, and billfish. They have fly rods and a great selection of flies for both fresh and saltwater. They also carry a complete wardrobe of fishing clothes, shirts, shorts, hats, and belts for your favorite fisherman. They deal in Hobie kayaks. The list just goes on and on! I’ve taken my reels up to their service department to have them serviced and overhauled. They have really come a long way from the Telephone road location and I thought that was big! (It was). So if your looking for a certain reel, lure, rod, or just anything for that fisherman in your life you can get it here, our even better, drag them with you!!! It’s the world’s biggest toy store for fisherman. If you need it they have it!!! So drop on by and take a look around, even the fish mounts in the store are with looking at!!!

The customer service is fantastic. As a female, I am taking seriously and all of my questions are answered. It’s a very welcoming environment. All of the sales associates are so incredibly knowledgeable and keep budget in mind with their recommendations.

These guys tout themselves as the kayak fishing spot. But every time I go there for my wilderness they don’t have what I want. Two thumbs down for them. Now I have to make the hr drive to ACK to get what I need. And they have it in stock.

A great place to buy very good quality fishing gear at very very competitive prices. A huge store with just about every possible item you can ever need for a trip to the water. Some cool fiberglass large fish hanging from the ceiling too.

This place has an enormous selection of gear including some high end stuff that you don’t see everywhere. Kayak fishing, fly fishing, offshore fishing, inshore fishing – they have it all. Good selection of apparel as well. I walked around here for almost an hour the other day and no one asked if I needed help; maybe they were just short staffed that day.

Customer service is always strong here, the people that work here have a passion for fishing. The hours are a bit dodgy and would like to go here on sundays, but oh well. You can find just about anything you’ll need for local fishing, but I find that the fly-fishing department all-too-often runs out of stock on commonly used fly tying materials.

Great place has everything you need. Staff was kind and helpfull, and had the best prices i can find for the materials I needed to make my shark leaders (do wish they would open on Sundays though)

Good stuff and they know what they are talking about. Took my trolling motor that didnt start and they told me how i can quickly fix it at home, no charge. I like places where they don’t screw you over!

I recently rented a couple of kayaks with a buddy from ftu. The kayak I rented was a native propel, which has a pedal system similar to bike pedals that drove a propeller. I was told that I was the first person to use this boat, and that it had not been in the water. Within 25 mins of being in the water we had left our canal entered the bay and reached a neighboring canal when the screw holding the left pedal backed out rendering the drive useless. I was forced to paddle my way back to house because this was a wide kayak, and was very difficult to paddle. I had the yak back by 1 pm the following day. I had checked out the yak from an older gentleman who turned out to be the head of rentals. When I brought it back I was talking to a young guy. Probably early twenties. I told him the story of what happened and he went to talk to hiss boss. The original guy I dealt with. After a couple of mins they both came out from the back. The older gentleman walked out the store and left. The young guy came up to me and said that not only was he going to charge me for rental, but he was going to charge me and additional $ 50.00 for damages. I was shocked. Screws back out because they were not fastened properly. Not because of me pedaling it as it was designed. His attitude was extremely rude. He was talking to me like I was trying to pull one over on them. He accused me of removing the screw and cross threading it back in. I asked him if he thought I was lying and he shrugged his shoulders and said you can talk to me all you want but you are going to pay for this. I was very angry at this point and asked for a manager, this rude kid stand in between me and the manager to tell her that I damaged their product. Never in my life have I been so disrespected as a customer. The cocky, stuck up, I don’t give a crap attitude of this kid has put a bad taste in my mouth for this business. Be prepared to be disrespected by the rental department, who’s you know what doesn’t stink. Since then I have rented twice from Austin kayak, and decided on which boat I wanted and made my purchase through them. They are very friendly over there.


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