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05/04/12 1:15 PM

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05/04/12 1:15 PM

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Do you mind sharing what it looks like? I do a little fly fishing, but would like to get more into it. I don’t think I’ve seen too many craw flies…

05/04/12 5:53 PM

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05/04/12 5:53 PM

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Thanks for the responses everybody. I learned a lot.

05/05/12 8:27 PM

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05/05/12 8:27 PM

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Some people give fish way too much credit. A fish is purely an instinctual animal. Basically, if it looks alive or smells good (to the fish, that is), it looks like the fish might be able to fit it in its mouth, and the fish is hungry, it will eat it. I’ve used some crazy stuff as bait and/or lures and had some good success. So yes, the crawdad lures work well on trout. I remember growing up everyone thought that jigs weren’t a trout thing. Now look how many people here fish almost exclusively with jigs for trout.
I’m going to do a contest with my family to see who can come up with the oddest thing as a lure that will catch a fish, using everyday stuff from the house. It will be fun to see how this turns out……..

05/05/12 9:35 PM

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05/05/12 9:35 PM

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Talk about crazy lures – have you seen my CoyoteCapSpinners? What can I say – it takes all kinds.

Been thinking next I might make some spoons from, well – spoons! Hit the DI get some cheap silverware that ain’t silver – and bang ’em up a bit.

As far as crawdad patterns, good food source, common forage for lots of fish. Keep in mind how they move. They may crawl around, but when it’s time to book – it’s all tail down, claws out. Backasswards action.

Color is key too. Crawdad is a great scent to add to any lure. But remember, it’s all about the claws. Caught my only wiper on a crawdad crank. Hope for more for sure!

Also included are some crawdad flies someone tied up (sorry, I forget the creator, but was purdy impressed with the craft)

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05/07/12 7:00 AM

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05/07/12 7:00 AM

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Great tips and helpful information — thanks! You’ve made it into my permanent file of fishing tips. Another thing to test out on my next outing.


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