Bodega Bay Fishing Report

We continue to see incredible
weather, crabbing and rockfishing. On Wednesday 11-6 all the six packs
are seeing limits of crabs and rockfish and most adding limits of lings. i spoke
to Jeff on the Samantha Irene around 11 am and he had limits of rockfish and
needed just five more lings for full limits fishing off Ft Ross. All the other
sixpacks from Arron on the Ghost, Josh on the Take Five and Bob on the
Relentless are seeing similar scores.
Rick on the New Sea Angler reported a whopping 48 limits of rockfish, 16 lings
to 17 pounds and full limits of crabs. The weather has 

The dungeness crab season
opened this weekend to great weather and 1000s of anglers converging on 
Bodega Bay. All the party and six packs reported easy limits of both crabs and
rockfish. Some sixpacks ran to 3 to 4 trips for easy limits of crabs. Other
found snapping rockfish and lings at Ft Ross. Jeff on the Samantha Irene had
three trips for limits for all on board. Rick on the New Sea Angler reported 45
limits of rockfish and crabs adding 15 lings on Saturday 11-2. On Sunday 11-3
Rick had 44 limits of rockfish and crabs adding 66 lings to 22 pounds. The Reel
Magic is still in the middle of a full engine replacment but should be back on
the water later this week. The weather was flat glassy calm all weekend with
temps into the high 70s

Private boaters
are seeing scores of 0 to 3 salmon trolling and mooching along Ten mile beach
and up to Bird Rock. Rick Powers of
Bodega Bay Sport Fishing said, “The ling cod bite has been off the charts as
both the lings and dinosaur rockfish are snapping. We went south to Point Reyes
on Saturday 10-12 for 27 limits of big dinosaur rockfish along with 27 limits of ling
cod to 22 pounds with the lings averaging from 12 to 14 pounds. There were big
coppers, vermilions, and browns in the sacks, and guys went off the boat with
50- to 60-pound sacks of fish. The ocean conditions have been excellent, and we
will be taking some albacore trips in the coming week. However, it has been hard
to beat the rockfish action as Friday’s haul produced 17 limits of big rockfish
along with 20 lings to 16 pounds at Point Reyes, and we put in a bonus 9-pound
salmon off of Ten Mile Beach.”

Merlin Kolb of Reel Magic Sport Fishing has been picking up some decent albacore
scores on the 34-foot catamaran, the Reel Magic, and they posted 8
longfins to 23 pounds on Saturday trolling Mexican Flag Clones and Cedar Plugs
in Mackerel patterns 46 miles west northwest of Bodega Head.  Kolb went rockfishing on Sunday for great results with three limits of
rockfish and ling cod off of Bird Rock in 180 feet of water.
Dungeness crab opener is only a few weeks away, and the Bodega area boats, campgrounds
and hotels are going to fill up quickly. The Reel Magic has room weekdays
through November but the weekends are full.

The salmon action has been
slow the past few days but the rockfish action is solid and there are tuna
offshore when the weather cooperates. On Saturday 9-6 the Reel Magic had
limits of rockfish  and a ling per rod. The Reel Magic will ne running for
tuna on Sunday. Please see our FB report later tonight.
Rick on the New Sea Angler reported 29 limits of rockfish adding 52 lings to 18
pounds for their 29 clients. Rick will also be offering some limited tuna trips
and rockfishing this week. The weather has been breezy the past two days but
looks to lay out on Sunday. Lots of private boats and at least one sixpack will
be running on Sunday and Monday.

/ operator captain
Merlin Kolb is bringing
his 34 foot twin diesel
catamaran the “Reel
Magic” to Bodega bay
this month. He will be
offering salmon /
rockfish and crabbing
trips through the spring
and summer months.
Merlin is a well known
local captain who is
excited to finally be
running his own
operation. 707 875-BOAT

daily 707


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