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Big Sharks & Salmon Surf Fishing

Surf fishing in the port Lincoln national park chasing salmon and big sharks! We had awesome action on the salmon with lures and caught a big bronzie on live bait. Shark was caught using sharky shepo rigs.
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Catching Shark Bait! Big Surf Salmon

Surf fishing south Australia catching some big salmon on lures! The salmon were schooled up in the thousands which was an incredible sight and even better fishing!
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Catching BIG FISH from Shore / Salmon Fishing Northern California / King Salmon / Lure Fishing

In this fishing video my friends and I catch some large King Salmon from shore using lures!!! We caught ALL of the Salmon using the Mepp’s Flying C lures 7/8 oz.

This was just another AWESOME day of fishing,,,,Yea Baby!!!

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Shark fishing from beach in Panama City, Florida – Surf fishing for sharks

Shark fishing from the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida. Surf fishing for spinner sharks and sandbar sharks is awesome fun! This video explains how to catch shark from the beach, land based shark fishing in Florida and how to surf fish for sharks.

This video explains shark fishing rods, shark fishing reels, shark fishing rigs, leaders, hooks, bait and shark fishing techniques.

This shark fishing trip was awesome! We hooked 11 sharks and landed 6. Half were spinner sharks and half were sandbar sharks. It took about 20 minutes to land each shark.

I was fishing with a guide: To go shark fishing with Matt from Off the Beach Shark Fishing call (850) 276-3249 or check out their Facebook page at

Very affordable!

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Catching Big Sharks Off The Beach

Land based shark fishing at its best! Fishing off a south Australian beach I catch 2 big bronze whaler sharks well over 100kg. Catching multiple large sharks with in a few hours isn’t an every day encounter around here. Both the sharks were around 9 foot and were tagged and released after measurements/photos were taken
Gear Used:
Reel: Penn senator 12/0 Spooled with 80lb mono
Rod: Custom made 80lb shark rod made by South Oz Rods
Trace: 400lb plastic coated shogun wire trace
Hooks: 24/0 circle hooks from TMMFA terminal tackle
Bait: Australian Salmon
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Huge Tiger Shark Caught While Beach Fishing

Shark fishing off a beach north of Perth in Western Australia catching a huge tiger shark! The shark measured exactly 12 foot in length and was 400kg plus! I was using a whole small eagle ray for bait and kayaked it out about 200m. The shark was perfectly hooked in the corner of the jaw with 24/0 circle hooks making for a quick and easy release.

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Insane Surf Fishing! Giant Blitz And Sharks!

Drove out on the sand at dawn expecting to have a chill day surf fishing for kingfish and other little fish, boy was I wrong…Within minutes of setting up the biggest blitz I’ve ever seen of bunker was working its way down the beach towards me. Pelicans, Ospreys, and Dolphins all working them hard. I had a small spoon tied on and snagged a bunch of them for fresh bait…I don’t think any big fish were working them. Then that fresh bunker turned into one of the craziest days of hooks ups on the beach I ever had…Shark after shark kept peeling drag and bending rods…This is just the first part of many videos to come from all this great footage I have. As always thank you for watching, drop a line and I’ll get back to you! More of this day to come!

Set ups –

Bunker snagging – 7ft cabelas Fish Eagle – Penn Conflict 3000 – 10lb braid – 30lb leader – small spoon

9ft St Croix Avid Surf – Penn Slammer 3 4500 – 30lb braid -30lb leader

10ft Tica Surf – Penn Clash 5000 -30lb braid -30lb leader

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Surf Fishing for Sharks and Bait

In this episode, Josh kicks off the day fishing for blacktip sharks using lures. After a few hours and no hook-ups, Josh decided to switch gears and catch shark bait. There was a lot of bait and sharks in the water, but the sharks were fixed on live bait. Josh was using a double hook rig with squid for bait. The first fish that was hooked got eaten by a shark. The second fish was a bonefish, which was a huge surprise! After catching over a dozen blue runners, Josh decided to try fishing for sharks again. Within a half hour, Josh hooked to a feisty blacktip shark. After a five minute fight, the shark shook the hook. Josh did not get any more shark bites after losing the shark.

Filmed in Florida!


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Beach Fishing for SHARKS!

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The Lure that Saved the Day! – HUGE HAMMERHEAD SHARK

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Crazy Delaware Surf Fishing! SHARKS Blitz The Beach!

Here we go with the second part of this wild day! To watch the first part of this day click here —

I made this video a little longer just because I feel like you guys wouldn’t want to miss any of the insane action lol! I never had so many big takedowns and runs in one day of surf fishing! I really lost count of how many hook ups I had.

I usually do not target sharks so my rigs were not up to par, and they got put to the test hard. Most the time these crazy sharks ended up breaking the steel! We still managed to land multiple sharks!

These were all sandbar sharks which are prohibited species in Delaware, But all catches and releases were legal, sharks were kept in the wash the whole time and when I was able to get a hold of the shark I got the hook out every time. Please save the comments, I know the rules, I even had DNR stop and watch me a few times.

Thank you guys so much for all the support, drop a line and I will write back to you!

Intro Beat – White Kids N Reverse

Setups –

9ft St.Croix Avid Surf – Penn Slammer 3 4500 – 30lb braid

10ft Tica Surf – Penn Clash 5000 – 30lb braid

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How to Make a Shark Rig for Surf Casting -SUPER EASY!!

I personally use this rig to catch sharks in the surf using spinning tackle. It is very simple and easy! I hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching, and please remember to LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

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Surf Fishing Australian Salmon

Catching big salmon at Point Drummond’s surf beach in South Australia. There were huge schools in their thousands all day which provided the perfect chance just to flick lures at them all day. The salmon were averaging around 3kg with some real big fish caught through out the day. I was using 5lb tackle which was awesome fun on these big salmon in the surf and my friend was using the standard surf salmon tackle. We were both using metal lures mine was a 30 gram halco twisty and his was a 65 gram halco lure as well. We kept some to eat and for shark bait but we caught a heap and released them.
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Bow Fishing for Tuna Fish

On this episode of BlacktipH, I go bow fishing for the false albacore tuna fish species with my buddies Mike and Bud Fisher on our new Tideline Fishing boat. We purchased over $400 worth of chum to attract the bonito to our boat. There were hundreds of bonito under the boat!! We found out very quickly how hard they were to shoot with the bow. These fish were moving incredibly fast (over 30mph)! Along with the bonitos were blue runners, rainbow runners and remoras. Mike got the first and only bonito of the day using the bow, while Bud and I got a few blue runners and remora. Mike ended the day catching the biggest fish of his life, a monster 400+lb bull shark.

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Monster Mississippi River Catfish:

Big Shark Fishing From Shore

Land based shark fishing south australia catching a big bronzie off the beach! The shark was close to 10 foot long and 200kg and put up an epic fight from the shore. The shark was release un harmed after measurements and photos were taken.
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Beach Shark Fishing!

Big shark beach fishing. My friend catching a very nice bronzie just under 7 foot off the beach.
The reel was a fin-nor offshore 9500 spooled with 80lb braid and a 14 foot surf rod was used. The bait was a whole salmon trout which we kayaked out about 80 meters.
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Shark Fishing Adventure to Western Australia Part 2: BIG Tiger Shark Action!

The second part of our fishing trip to WA. We change locations and the action really heats up catching some bulk tiger sharks off the beach including a huge 12 foot tiger!

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Shark fishing in the surf

a nice drive though the sand dunes in the port Lincoln national park turned in to shark fishing off the beach. went down to a beach for a bit of a swim to find a huge school of 3+kg Australian salmon and big bronze whaler sharks swimming in and out of the schools of fish. so i got a salmon throw it on a wire trace and sent it out live bait style and then a nice 7 foot shark took the bait.
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3 year old catching 6kg salmon from the beach

Levi Bowman salmon fishing at Hamelin bay with richter lures and Indian Pacific rods.




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How to catch Australian Salmon off the beach (Fishing Australia)

How to catch Australian Salmon off the beach (Fishing Australia). This video demonstrates how to catch Australian Salmon off the beach. It covers some of the gear and techniques used to fish for Australian Salmon with lures. This video was recorded at Locks Well Beach, in South Australia.

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