Big Fish Bait & Tackle – 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) Hunting & Fishing Supplies


1780 Pacific Coast Hwy
Ste C
Seal Beach, CA 90740

(562) 431-0723

Military supporters!!! This business supports the military. Sweet location for surf fisherman, whoever they have a little bit of everything! Small and cozy, but better stocked with what most people want then the other local shops.

I highly recommend this business. Just a had a good experience at big fish. Getting back into fishing after a long layoff. I asked alot of questions. I got a lot of advice. I’m totally satisfied with the service and prices. Thank you to the young kid that helped me out and to the other two working we’re knowledge and cool as well. 5 star

It was my first time at this store. I came on the 4th of July. I know basically zero about fishing. The young man working with blue eyes/ skinny, was very knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciate being patient with my dad, his friend, and me.

Nice friendly staff, very helpful. Came in for a bait net, used it three times & it broke.

They treated my mother terribly. They didn’t even acknowledge her and dismissed her questions.

Great store fair prices … they also host kool workshops/competitions !and support small companies ! This store rocks thanks fellas

Talk about down-to-earth! I walked in wanting help on doing a good halibut rig and also needed some tackle. The 2 guys and they’re each gave me so much information and were super patient. I wanted to buy everything in the store but they were actually all about just wanting me to try to go out and catch fish. I saved money by coming here and we’ll be coming back again and again

These dudes change their hours up all too often. Stopped by today only to find that they stick a paper sign in the window saying they’ll open at 10. This is the second time it’s happened to me, but maybe it’s just the luck of the draw. Bait selection is above average however. The slayums do great. They carry hook up baits & Berkley gulp, along w reebs & lucky craft. Number one complaint is I can’t count on the store to be reliable

I just started going to this shop and it is awesome! What makes it awesome… the guy behind the counter! I’m embarrassed that I don’t know his name, but each time I’ve gone there, he has been incredibly helpful. I fish from my kayak in Huntington Harbour and Big Fish Bait & Tackle definitely know the ins and outs of catching fish there. Bottom line… I’m psyched on fishing and I really like doing business with people that are just as psyched as I am!

Very rude service and weren’t helpful at all. I suggest staying away and not giving them your business

Stopped by before heading out to surf fish. The man recommended they bait and locations to hit up. Success! We caught a Corbina and leopard shark on lugworms at Sunset Beach. I highly recommend coming here for “intel” before your local fishing venture.

Great place and great service this place is the only place you can buy slayem lures and they have workshops that teach you how to use them… a must see and buy if you need fishing gear or tackle

Great shop. Have an awesome clothing selection. Loved how helpful they were when I went in to buy my first setup. Since I live close I’ll be back many more times.

I can’t say much for the store as I haven’t ever been there. But I wanted to purchase a gift card for my step dad who lives in Seal Beach (I am located 60 miles away). They were more than accommodating when I called, and mailed the gift card out to me the next day. I’m giving them 5 stars for customer service 🙂 and will post an update based on my step dad’s review of the store. Big thank you to the owner who made this happen!

Been coming here for years always have what I need and very helpful if I can’t find something, open early so I can get to fishing

To start off let me start by saying, I just made the switch from squid bites to soft bait for shore/harbor harbor. I’ve been going to another shop for about 3 weeks and been buying their 4″ and 5″ swim baits (squid too). Since I made the switch to soft bait I have had literally 0 bites in 3 weeks, going 4 days a week. My gf being the control in our soft bait testing, was using squid to test soft bait against something and has gotten a couple bites on the squid while I tried out the soft bait. Finally was about to say I’m done with soft bait thing “it doesn’t work”. Spent about $60 in bait this whole month and no bites, literally 0. I lost all my heads and bait in weeds and rocks and was just getting frustrated I’m just wasting money/time.

Me and my girlfriend saw this shop and all of our friends go to this one so we figured why not check it out and see what its all about on the way home. Went in and saw they have a ton of small bait perfect for the fishing we do off shore and the rocks. We looked at some 3″ swim baits and the shop workers and hang outs asked us what we wee fishing, and told us we were doing it all wrong. They came over and picked out the better colors that would get more bites for the fishing we do and told us how to use them and what colors work better and are best for day fishing. We got weedless heads to stop losing and getting hung in he rocks and weeds. They said buy brighter colors for day and told us use darker for night. So we picked up what they recommended and 2 hours later just before sun set again, mind you I’ve been biteless for 3 weeks straight on the 4 and 5″ dark green/blue standard head soft bait we were using/losing. 45 min using the color they told me to use and I get the tail bitten off of my swim bait… OMG these DO work!!! Finally hope! Cast back out, wouldn’t you know it, I catch a nice beautiful looking 12″ 4-6lb SeaBass. Ruined my 3 week dry spell in less than an hour. not to mention no snags or weed mowing.

The fact they got me a bite in a single day after my countless failed casts with softbait proved to me and my girlfriend softbaits do work. This is and will be my new go to shop. Much friendlier than my other shop I go to. I was literally one day from ditching soft bait all together. So glad we chose to come in and check them out and try their baits. The other shop I go to is mostly deep sea oriented and a lot smaller selection in soft baits under 5″. This shop is well stacked for shore/rock fishing and was exactly what I needed. Again this is my new go to shop and I will be going back this week to get a new soft bait for the one thats missing its tail from a couple nice bites. Also they offer a Active duty discount if your LEO/Military which is cool too.

TLDR; As a complete noob, I recommend these guys. Great shop and they 100% got me a bite I give them full credit for my catch that night and saved softbait in my mind. Sure there might be better but they got me what I needed and helped me out. What else can you ask for.

Came here for eyelet repair. Gentleman behind the counter was very helpful. Gave me good advice on what reel to pair w the rod.
Had the repair done in one week as promised (unlike another nearby tackle store that told me a week and took a month).

Best of all the repair was absolutely flawless. Down to the precise details of thread accent color etc..

I will come to big fish for my fishing rod/reel service from now on.


They always have so much great gear in stock and are very friendly and helpful. Whenever I go fishing at the Seal Beach Pier, this is my first stop for squid, shrimp and anchovies…and some advice….excellent convenient location next to a liquor store.

EXPENSIVE – I went in looking for some simple salt-water tackle gear, 100lb line, crimping sleeves, swivels, snap swivels, small plastic teaser squid, I bought almost all of what I needed from them, but I didn’t realize that their prices are double that of West Marine (who I thought was already expensive). Since I need to go to West Marine anyway, I thought I’d check their prices on what I just bought. Not only did they have more of exactly what I wanted – I realized spent about $50 for what would have been about $20 at West Marine. Lesson learned, I will not likely go back there for tackle.

The only store I go to when it comes to Lucky Craft products. The staff here is awesome and insightful when it comes to any type of fishing related questions! When it comes to Lucky Craft, this store has all the colors and type of lures you need when it comes to surf fishing. Thanks a lot!


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