Best Prawn Bait and Shrimp Bait

Jul 12, 2014
Ryan Dodds

The best prawn bait and shrimp bait is important for successful prawn and shrimp fishing. Even more important than choosing the correct prawn bait, is knowing the correct method to use the bait. Prawn bait is normally a combination of commercial pellets and oils, some fish type cat foods, canned oily fishes (mackerel, sardines, herring), fish carcasses, and herring or anchovies. The best prawn bait choice is the bait that is the most effective, but other factors such as price, availability, convenience, and cleanliness are also worth considering.

Best Prawn Bait Pellets

When I fish prawns and shrimp I start with the Ace of Baits prawn bait pellets. The prawn pellets are solid, dry, and in concentrated form. The Ace of Baits website provides instructions for use of the pellets. Start by marinating the pellets overnight. The marination is critical what it does is soften up the pellets so that they will break apart when in the traps and this will make for a better release of solids for the prawns and shrimp to eat, and the scent trail to attract the prawns and shrimp. To marinate the pellets, take out a bunch of pellets and put them into a pail, plastic container, or ziplock bag. I like to marinate with water and then add some prawn bait oil later but you can also marinate directly with prawn bait oils. To marinate the pellets leave the pellets submerged in water overnight and they will break down into a mixture like thick oatmeal.

Adding Prawn Bait Oils

After the prawn bait pellets have marinated overnight, take the prawn bait oil and pour in a bunch and mix it up into the bait. The bait oil is what will create the quick release scent trail that will attract the shrimp and prawns.Once you’ve added the bait oil the prawn and shrimp bait is ready to fish. You can further enhance the bait at this time by mixing in some other items such as canned oily fish (canned mackerel, sardines, or herring are high in oils and good choices). Some use canned cat food as an additive to prawn bait.

Prawn Bait Containers

Once you have your prawn bait all mixed up ladel it into the bait containers. When fishing prawns it is important to only fill the containers half to three quarters full this is recommended by Ace of Baits to ensure that there is further room for expansion of the pellets during the soak.

Prawn Fishing Approach

A good approach to prawn fishing is to check the traps fairly frequently, and if results are good re-set in the same area and if results are poor try a different area. With short sets you want to ensure your bait containers are highly ventilated so that the scent can seep out quickly and start attracting the prawns. With the marinated bait and the addition of bait oil, the bait cans will result in a quick fishing trap that will start catching prawns within several minutes. Scotty makes a ventilated type with slots down the side, and another style that is solid. You can also create home made ones with PVC pipe. I recommend the high ventilation Scotty prawn bait canisters.

Attaching Prawn Bait Containers to Traps

To attach the prawn bait inside the traps make sure that the lid is on tight and the bait can is centered in the trap. Zip ties or bungee cords are good but I use commercial bait clips because they are quick and easy to open and attach. Note that if you do not attach the bait can to the trap, leaving the can loose, it can roll to the side of the trap then it is possible for prawns to access the bait from outside the trap and they will not need to enter the trap.

Fish Carcasses

Fish carcasses can be added to prawn traps. Some chunks of oily fish such as salmon spines after fillets have been removed, can be good bait to attract prawns. I avoid using some parts of fish that are predatory to prawns, such as large lingcod, yelloweye, and halibut heads, because the prawns may be scared away from the traps.

Secret Prawn Bait

Our secret prawn bait is to throw in 4 cans of beer into the trap along with the bait. It is a great reward to bring up a fully loaded trap, topped off with four ice cold beers!

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