Best Ice Fishing Lures for Panfish

If you are an ice angler, you know there is nothing more precious than pulling out these little monsters out of thick ice. When you are ice-fishing for panfish, a great lure plays a huge part in your fishing experience.

There are hundreds of jigs, soft plastics, spoons, and other lures to choose from. Deciding the best ice fishing lure for panfish is a tough task. Freezing water decreases the metabolism of the fish. This factor leads to the fish experiencing a state of near coma.

This is a biological survival mechanism adapted by the fish that makes them less active and makes them feed less. You will need to carefully strategize about the techniques and lures while fishing in the ice.

I have listed some of the best ice fishing lures for panfish available in the market. Read further for the detailed review of each product and my final verdict.

Best ice fishing lures for panfish in 2019

1. QualyQualy Ice Fishing Jigs for Panfish

QualyQualy Ice Fishing Jigs for Panfish review

The QualyQualy Ice Fishing Jigs for Panfish features premium colors and detailed paint finishes. This feature makes the lure replicate natural colorization process and keeps the hook bright and attractive.

The quality unique body design is excellent for all live baits. The life-like swimming action of the lure is ideal for all fishing purposes. The barbed hook is mechanically sharpened and ensures a better penetration leading to increase in hook-ups.

Furthermore, the deal includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Seventy pieces of fishing jigs come in the plastic box or a tackle. The fast customer service and email support is available for 24 hours. Overall, the QualyQualy Ice Fishing Jigs for Panfish is a great ice fishing lure for panfish.


  • Unique body design
  • Mechanically sharpened hooks
  • Premium colors and detailed paints
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Attractive
  • Better penetration


2. Gulp! Alive! Gulp Bait 1 Inch Minnows

Gulp! Alive! Gulp Bait 1 Inch Minnows review

The Gulp! Alive! Gulp Bait, 1 Inch Minnows, comes in 2 jar Bundles. The Berkley Perch Minnows are perfect ice fishing lures for panfish and ice trouts.

This two 2.1 oz. Jars come with lots of emerald shiners for all fishing purpose. These shiners are perfect for ice fishing of the panfish. The 1-inch shiners come floating in special “magic gravy.”

Furthermore, these baits get automatically recharged by putting them back in the same jar. Small gulp minnows help you catch the panfish with ease. Many trout Ice fishermen also recommend these lures. Overall, the Gulp Bait, 1 Inch Minnows is an excellent ice fishing lures for panfish.


  • Perfect for panfish
  • Comes in 2 jar bundles
  • Plenty of lures
  • Productive fishing in less time
  • Recharge when putting back in the jar


3. SteelShad Fishing Lures

SteelShad Fishing Lures review

The original SteelShad fishing lure is a timeless blade bait for all in one fishing purposes. The lure accurately imitates live and injured baitfish. The 3/8 ounce lure and is 2 3/4 inches long.

Mimicking all types of baitfish, you can Cast it straight out. The steelhead has an intense throbbing action. The steel shad’s intense throbbing action generates strikes for panfish, game fish, speckled trout, bass, walleye, northern pike, musky, lake trout, salmon, among others.

The dynamic SteelShad bends the lure triggers strikes and imitates an injured baitfish. The lure swims on the side in shallow water. Designed by professional Fishermen, this Mini stainless steel fishing lure comes with additional VMC hooks. Overall, this versatile lure is perfect from freshwater fish to Ice Fishing.


  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Long casting and maximum vibration
  • Versatile from freshwater to ice fishing
  • Additional VMC hooks
  • Imitates an injured baitfish


  • Some users complained about the hard vibration

Ice Fishing Jigs Winter Metal Lures Kit review

The Ice Fishing Jigs Winter Metal Lures Kit from likefish comes in 4pcs/pack. The 0.86 inch long lures have a Weight of around 0.08 oz. They are also available in 4 Different Colors.

The lead material used in the making makes the jig is sharp and durable. The lures are Drop-water shape and target fish like panfish, trout, Crappie, Sunfish, perch, bluegills, walleyes, bass, and others.

Furthermore, the hook is perfect for both winter and frozen. The company comes with a compact holding case and also offers a 30-day replacement warranty. Overall, this Ice Fishing Jigs Winter Metal Lures Kit can turn out to be your best companion while ice fishing.


  • Four different colors
  • Drop water shape
  • Lead material used
  • Compact holding case


Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Ice Fishing Lure for Panfish


The color choice is an essential factor to consider while ice fishing. You will need a ice fishing fish finder while ice fishing. In bright waters, fish can see their prey pretty well. You will need more realistic and subdued colors that blend well with the environment.

Whereas in murkier waters, the visibility gets limited and brighter colors are ideal for making them stand out, which in turn might trigger a bite. On low light conditions and thick ice conditions, the light doesn’t pass through the water.

Brighter colors and Glowing jigs are perfect in these conditions. On the other hand, gold and silver colors are perfect for bright daylight conditions. Besides the depth of water also affects the visibility of the colors.

Small size

Contrary to popular belief, large lures do not necessarily make for a great bait. Small lures tend to have more delicate design and life-like action. The small size will enhance the movement of the lure, making it more enticing to fish. There are various other lures in the market like frog lures.

Fish use their lateral line to detect motion. They can sense a ‘touch’ detecting the vibrations of injured prey. The smaller lure can mimic the subtle motions and makes it more appealing for the fish.


The hooks are an essential part of a lure as it is through the hook the fish get attached and trapped. While the lures that come along the lure works fine, you could also replace them with high-quality treble hooks. These treble hooks lock the fish much better and improve fishing.

The Final Verdict

It is a tough task to choose from the set of excellent ice fishing lures for panfish. However, if I had to pick one, I would pick the QualyQualy Ice Fishing Jigs for Panfish.

The QualyQualy Ice Fishing Jigs for Panfish is an attractive fishing lures with excellent penetration ability. They have a unique body design, and the mechanically sharpened barbed hooks work perfectly for panfish in thick ice.


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