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Basic fly fishing

How do I get started with fly fishing?

  1. Take a class at your local fly shop. First things first, sign yourself up for a class at your local fly shop. …
  2. Determine what style of fly fishing you want to focus on. …
  3. Get a rod and reel setup. …
  4. Watch a casting video. …
  5. Practice casting. …
  6. Get the right clothing. …
  7. Get the gear essentials. …
  8. Learn your flies.

What is the best fly fishing combo for beginners?

  • Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Combo. The Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Combo is the best combo available under $100. …
  • Orvis Encounter Outfit. …
  • Cabela’s Synch Fly Combo. …
  • Redington Crosswater Outfit Fly Combo. …
  • Echo Base Fly Rod Kit. …
  • L.L.Bean Quest Fly Rod Outfit.

What gear do I need to fly fish?

  • Fly fishing rod and reel outfit.
  • Waders, wading boots, and other personal fishing gear.
  • Rain jacket, fully waterproof.
  • Clothing, fishing and lodge variety.
  • Hat, wide-brimmed, for sun and eye protection.
  • Polarized sunglasses.
  • Day pack or fanny pack.
  • Sunscreen, SPF 20 or higher.

How does fly fishing work?

Fly fishing is an angling method that uses a light-weight lure — called an artificial fly — to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. … The flies may resemble natural invertebrates, baitfish, or other food organisms. Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water.

Is fly fishing hard to learn?

Fly fishing is hard. … Just as with any other sport, this one takes time to practice the fly fishing basics and get used to what you need to do to cast, and to match your flies, and even where to look for fish. Fly fishing is part mental and part physical, which is part of what makes it such an enjoyable sport.

How much does it cost to start fly fishing?

It cost $199. It included a decent fly rod, reel, line, a couple boxes of basic flies, and a few leaders. Throw in a pair of waders, wading boots, and a vest, and the total will still be between $400 and $500.

What is the advantage of fly fishing?

In spin fishing, the angler uses a light line to cast a much heavier lure. The advantage in fly fishing is that fly anglers can cast flies that are small enough to imitate tiny insects or other natural foods that fish like to eat. These flies are too light to cast well with spinning tackle.

Can you use a regular fishing rod for fly fishing?

Yes, you can fly fish with either a spinning rod or a casting rod as long as you use them in conjunction with a fly line but, because neither the action nor the length will be correct, you will not be able to cast a fly over a very long distance.

How much fly line do I need?

Do you need fly line backing? It really depends on the type and size of fish you are targeting. A typical fly line is 90 to 110 feet in length. If you cast out 30 feet of line, you’ll have over 60 feet of fly line on your reel to fight a fish.

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