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When it comes to which bait to use look for what occurs naturally around the area you are fishing

Keep your bait fresh in a waist bait bucket that slides onto your belt

Check Out This Cool Video From Shoreline Fishing Showing How Lug Worms are Grown…Click Below

 Sand crabs are one of the best baits for surf fishing

Crabs are found in soft sand near the high tide mark

Keep your crabs in a waist bait keeper with a small piece of wet kelp to keep them cool and moist

You can catch crabs by hand or use a galvanized crab net, scoop or other digging tools

Look for soft shell crabs in different sizes

Bunch of Sand Crabs

Ghost shrimp can be purchased at your local tackle shop or suctioned by hand in wetland areas during low tide. The current corbina world record was caught using ghost shrimp.

Ghost shrimp work great for perch, corbina and all croaker

I like to keep my ghost shrimp in a 5 gallon plastic container half filled with salt water.  If you keep them in a cool place or inside a refrigerator in a temperature range of 54-65 they will live for about six days

There are several kinds of mussel

Bay, rock and green mussel all work well for bait

Mussels also make great surf bait

Mussel can be found on rocks, docks and piers

Clams work great for surf fish.  They are especially effective in the winter months


Sand worms can be “caught” about 18″ down near the high tide mark at the beach.  Innkeeper worms are found inside estuary and harbor areas.  Lug and Blood worms can be purchased at your local tackle shop

Blood Worm

Lug Worm

Innkeeper Worm

Sand Worm


Sidewinder rock crabs make great bait. You’ll find them near rocks and jetties in almost any marine environment

Plastic grubs work unbelievably well for perch, croaker and the occasional corbina.
Grubs come in two common styles: Curly Tail and Swim Tail

Curley Tail

Swim Tail

Flies work great in the surf, fished on the Carolina Rig

Small bright spoons work great to attract corbina, halibut, croaker and slab-sized perch

Hard suspension baits work great in the surf for halibut, croaker and large perch

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