4 essential lures for pike fishing !

Are you lost among the many lures that exist on the market? Do you want to invest in just a few good ones, without being burdened with useless material?

No worries, here is our selection:

As you know, the pike is one of our favorite freshwater fish! What makes the pike so special is its wide habitat, from small rivers to large lakes, both in Europe and in North America.

In addition to being very present on the territory, the pike can be fished in many different ways (with lures, with baits, with fly…)! There are countless lures that can catch a pike but, like all predators, it can also be moody at times and attack only a certain kind of prey …

The Chasing Monsters team has narrowed it down to the best 4 lures that are essential for pike fishing, no matter what season it is! All these lures have been tested and verified by Cyril during various fishing trips with great success…

1- The Swimbait

If you could only take one lure with you, this would be THE one! Not because it’s more efficient than the others, but rather more adaptable. Depending on the setup, weight and retrieve, soft lures can work well at the bottom, on the surface as well as between two water levels.

Swimbait works well with all kinds of techniques, from linear fishing to a more jerky approach! It can be retrieved slowly or quickly following the behaviour of the fish.
The most important thing is to choose a model that is flexible enough to react to the smallest pull and at the same time solid enough to resist the pike’s teeth!

Our favorite ones are the white ones and the realistic ones, but in muddy waters a flashy color can make all the difference!

Cyril’s explanation video:

2- The Spinnerbait

With the spinnerbait, there is no need to ask too many questions! Just find the right model, the right speed of retrieve and the lure does the rest … It’s impossible not to notice it with all the flashes and vibrations it emits.

Just be sure to choose the correct weight so it falls to the desired depth and get the right size according to the pike’s appetite of the day! In terms of colors, they are almost all good! Don’t be afraid to use flashy one, this lure is definitely not made to be discret …

In addition to alerting fish from a long distance and being easy to use, the spinnerbait also has the ability of going everywhere. The metal V shape of the lure protects the hook from any obstacles present in the water (seagrass, rocks, woods …). In fact, it’s often the first lure that Cyril puts in the water when he doesn’t know a spot very well!

3- The spoon

This lure has been around forever! Its oval and rounded classic shape is very effective on most freshwater fish such as pike, bass, perch, sander …

Our favorite models are those with the anti-grass feature. It’s a real bonus because it allows the lure to get through any kind if obstacle. Submerged wood, water lilies, the thickest seagrass, nothing stops it! In addition, it’s also a lure that can be controlled easily by varying the speed of retrieve.

At first it was available only in silver and gold. Now, the waving spoon is available in a multitude of colors and models but our favorite ones are the most basic ones : silver, red and white.

4- The Stickbait

Not necessarily the most effective lure, but by far the the most fun to use! The main peculiarity of this lure is that it floats and that has two advantages:

  • It goes above any obstacle in the water
  • It allows to see the fish attacking on the surface (with all the adrenaline it creates)

This lure is ideal when the water is hot enough for pike to hunt on the surface (in the summer), or when they are in shallow waters especially after spawning (in the spring)! But if the weather, the season or the mood of the fish don’t lend themselves to fishing on the surface, it’s useless to insist using this lure!

When conditions are right the pike go completely nuts with this lure! Certainly one of the most fun fishing ever … Cyril enjoys this lure regularly when pike are active!

Obviously, opinions can vary. This is a selection of 4 lures by the team of Chasing Monsters

Your turn!

Tell us on Facebook and in the comments below what are your favorite lures for pike fishing …?


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